Monday, August 17, 2009

A Muggy August Update

Well, those cooler (80s) days we had a couple weeks ago were just a tease - as soon as school started back, so did summer! my U17 kid had hid first tournament this past weekend, and the 4:00 games were murder - and I was just sitting there! Can't imagine how hot they were, especially as they always had to wear one of their darker jerseys. Not a bad soccer
weekend, except for a minor schedule snafu; we went to the finals, and lost to PKs 5-4. The real stuff starts over Labor Day weekend with the Atlanta Cup. And to be honest, I am damn tired of soccer ALREADY! That's what I get for volunteering for the manager spot - as if 4 years in combat boots & fatigues wasn't enough lesson.... Here are the boys, lined up for the Penalty Kicks to decide the Finals. Mine's the 3rd from the left.
On to stitching - which, due to soccer stuff, was limited again this week. The main piece for the week was Knotgarden, hoping to finish up that 4th petal and then move on wherever. Well, no such luck, though I am a LOT closer. Gee, the other three I did in a week each - this one's just dragging on ridiculously now...Thought for sure Knotgarden would be picking up speed, but it seems to have slowed down - though perhaps because all the other stuff I have going on has picked up? BAH!

Saturday, we came home for a bit of a cool break between games, and I picked up Nancy's RR; I figured a few beads would be about right for the amount of time we had. Well, I was so pooped from the heat when we got home and then went right back out with the stir crazy dogs (the Dumb Dog video is from then), that I just left the RR on the frame, and worked on it until I went to bed Saturday. I now have 2 of the 3 sets of beads completed, so should have this done before too long :) I have two shots - one of the whole Needlework Shop, and one of it in a kinda-profile shot, trying to get a relief of the beads - but the dogs thought they'd wrestle behind me right about then, so when they knocked me over, I stopped trying to get a better one :)

I got a few lunches worth of work in on Iris - it was too hot and I had sunscreen on during soccer, so I didn't do any stitching at games or practice, probably won't until mid-September, unless I'm unfortunate enough to be there around 8:00... Anyway, here's where Iris is:
And that's it for last week. I added some outdoor pictures here (see the Lantana shots at the end), and will be uploading a bunch more of the soccer weekend, a lot of which are also of the wildlife in the pond at the park we play at - the Feeding Ducks & Canadians Landing videos are from there :)

This week is Sampler week, so I will be working on that eensy Long Dog piece, and who knows what else? I am kind of itching to start this year's Halloween project, 6 Bats & A Witches Hat (RAK from Chris). I am trying to get out of an afternoon game Saturday to go to my local stitching group, since it will be the last month I can go until December or January :( Check back next week and see what, if anything, I accomplish :)


Cynthia ( Cynimin) said...

Beautiful work, I love your house with the beads.

Carol said...

Your projects all look very nice. I really like Knot Garden.

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