Monday, August 03, 2009

Is it Really August? An Update

Well, I don't know about where you are, but the past week has been cool & wet - very fallish, and highly unlike normal ATL weather. And I like it :) No rain for years, and now it's all we can do to see the sun - though for all the clouds, I do wish we were getting more actual rainfall at my house - it's dumping down all around us, but we aren't really getting the downpours I've seen other places. Like a mile down the road. Oh well, the grass is green and the kudzu is
growing a foot a day, and the overcast is keeping the house cool, so who's to complain?

I was in NC on Tuesday night & Wednesday afternoon, for a soccer game and to visit family. If
you are interested, I have posted some pictures from the trip here. The game wasn't worth the drive, but it was good to see family again, though I missed photo opportunities for not having the camera in hand at all times :) I will get everyone next time. Even the shy ones :) Here's one, a corner kick from the game:
On to the stitching - which was obviously hampered a bit by traveling. Too wet to stitch while waiting for the game to start even - those clouds in the picture above were saturated - and they weren't even the ones that did dump all over us :) But even with the slight interruption, I did finally finish Part 5 of MTM!!!!! And I got a wee start on Part 6!!! Gee, I don't know why that 4th corner went so much faster than the three before it....This is the overall as of now, and here's a detail of the start of the buildings (squeeeeee) in Part 6:And for the record, my SnC Meadowgrass realllllyyy blends in well with the Days Gone By linen :) If you go to the original and zoom in, you can see the stitches outside these buildings :) I can't believe I finally got to the buildings! Now the fun begins - I think!

I also managed to get a bit more done on Nancy's RR, the Mill Hill Village piece. I worked on it for a night and Saturday afternoon, and I think if I can get that much time again, I'll have it ready to bead :)

This is really fun so far, except it is a bit maddening to look for a thread, only to realize the symbol goes to yet another bead - this thing is going to be covered! I'll have to look closely at the other two undone sections, but it seems the Needlework Shop (which is yet to be named) has more beads than the other buildings in this town :)

I worked on my Iris project a tiny bit, too, but as it was only one lunch and a bit while DH was grilling, nothing worth taking a picture of. Hopefully the next pic, next week, will be quite a difference :) So look for that next week.

This week, I will work on English Garden Sampler, though I am again losing 2 nights to soccer - team camp is this week, and in my new role as asst. manager, I guess I need to go tonight, so people know who will be asking for money every couple of weeks, and then we have a Parents' Meeting Thursday, so there's two nights I won't get home until almost 10. And because the park is near work, I'm not going home first, as making the trip to work & home, then to camp & home, equals 112 miles. Can't afford to do that, certainly not twice in one week. So I'll be hanging out late at work a couple of nights, and either collecting some OT, or leaving early Friday, as needed :) Though I've already lost out some, as I've made a dentist appointment for tomorrow - I've got something zinging the nerves in one of my teeth when I brush or eat anything sweet :( I was just there for a cleaning & exam in June - wonder where a hole would've come from since then?

In other news, the kids go back to school one week from today. Yay!! The dumb dog and Lucy will hate it, and the boys aren't real thrilled, but I'm tired of arguing about who does all the chores on the list every day, when I seem to be doing half of it when I get home? I'm ready for them to be off the computer and not in front of the tv until all hours of the night :) Not looking forward to the morning routine again, though....

Well, that's the highlights of doings here. Happy stitching this week to everyone :)

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