Monday, December 21, 2009

December 21st - an Update

How did it get here so fast? It seems like it was just October the other day... Well, I'm as close to done with Christmas shopping as I'm going to get, and only have a handful of things left to wrap (I assume the boys will be snooping for those today - if they get out of bed in time). I have the last team parent meeting tonight, before we leave for the tournament Saturday morning - sure hope some of these folks give me some money today to cover the boys' stay. NOT looking forward to the drive, but AM looking forward to the beach, even if it's cold. I will also be going to Kennedy Space Center - I've never been there - so expect lots of pictures of that when I get back (esp. if DH gets that bigger memory card for me). We have all early games, so plenty of time to do touristy stuff, as the cash allows. Might be a few soccer pictures, too :)

On to the stitching, of which there isn't a whole lot, again, all things considered. I got a start on my new RR piece, Rosewood Manor's Live Each Season - looking at it, it's not a very big piece - it covers a lot of material, but it's not a lot of stitching (IMO), so I'm guessing if Nancy gets this one early on, she'll probably have it done - and then I'll have to come up with something else :) HaED World Tree maybe? Anyway, I'm doing the center motif again, and that will allow those to come to pick where they want to go. I also want to find some beads that can be used in place of French knots, entirely up to the stitcher who gets to that section...

I haven't decided if I'm taking this to FL or not, or what I am taking if not this - I might take either Lyne's RR or her wedding sampler; I think I can handle either one of those, if I ma able to stitch at all while there. I am not taking my floor stand (where would I put it, even broken down flat?), so I don't know how coordinated I'll be....

My main piece for the week was again MTM, and I got 1/3 of Part 7 done! I only worked on it 5 nights, I think - I was in bed by 6:30 one night, and just busy doing stuff other days/nights. Here's the overall:

And then the detail of the area I worked:

This week, I'm supposed to get EGS out again, but since it's a busy, and short, week, I may just work on some of the things that never get any attention - World Tree, Celtic Banner, Noah's Sub? I don't know. Maybe just whatever grabs me each day. Wednesday afternoon & Thursday, I'll be doing some cooking & baking - not having a huge meal for Christmas dinner, since only DH & the dogs will be around to eat leftovers - and DH doesn't eat leftovers more than once - we'll see if he can survive a week on cookies and the smallest big ham I could find.... Whatever day I get back from FL, I have putting the Christmas stuff up to look forward to :( I may be back on the 31st - I won't know until the 29th whether they move on to the final round on the 30th. So who knows when I'll be back online? At least I have a LNS opening up on January 4th - and have that day off of work, too, especially for that!

If I don't talk to you before, everyone have a safe & happy Christmas!! And New Year's, too, if I'm not back then, either!

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too_busy_to_stitch said...

MTM is looking marvellous! Have a lovely Christmas!