Monday, December 07, 2009

Slow Down - I'm Not Ready!! - An Update

How's it the 7th of December already? Normally I am way done with shopping by now, and this year, haven't even much begun, what with having a tournament this weekend, when we had snow flurries and freezing temps, I might add. I have so much to do, no time, and I don't feel like doing any of it. I don't think I'm going to do cards this year - I have to cut something out, and since I haven't even bought any yet (looked yesterday, didn't like any of them), maybe that's one of the easier to let go. It's not even my usual Bah Humbug-ness - I just don't feel like doing Christmas anything. I have to get to that stupid tournament on the 26th, and get back, in one piece. It's a long drive for what I expect to turn out to be a lot of nothing... :(

On to the stitching, of which there's not a lot. My main focus this week was AD Samplar 4 Saisons. I am pretty close to having Spring done!!! If I have a good week next rotation, I ought to finish it, and either move on to the tree, or Summer. I am ready to see other colors on it, though I did get some of the Wattle N Daub border put back on, so I can see how that works - it's the color the tree will be, too - I just have to decide how to physically work the tree - across, or up & down? I'm kind of thinking up & down will make the color changes look like bark, more than stripes across. Hmmmm.... Anyway, here's where I left it last night:

Other than that, the only other thing I worked on was Anita's RR, which I kept an extra week, so I could keep working on it a bit more :) I got a few more motifs done, and got one of 2 colors done in another large one, and decided I had better stop and get it on its way home - this is the overall:

And then an off-angle shot of the area I worked this past week:
Like I said, it's a bad angle, but I had to lay this on my bed to get a pic of it, because it's so big - and the light's not too good back there, so I was trying to get the best light AND keep my shadow off of it - which only worked from the side, I guess (no, it didn't occur to me to turn it - it was late). Thank you, Anita, for letting me work on this - I love this design, especially in these colors!

This week, I HAVE to do some shopping, I have to bake a cake for Thursday's company Holiday Lunch, and get a gift ready to go. BUT soccer is over until 12/26 - Big Kid is playing indoor, but I can miss those games, they are just for fun & to keep touches on the ball. SO hopefully I will be able to get a little time in on Lady & Unicorn this week; I know it won't be much, but anything helps! Until next week, Happy Stitching everyone, and I hope everyone has a lot more shopping done than I do!

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