Monday, February 08, 2010

Another Monday Update

The Super Bowl is over, a new season of NASCAR has begun, and the weather BLOWS! It must be February :) But I'm not going to complain about the weather just yet - we don't have feet & feet of snow, so I'm good - though I really could use about a week of no rain! The old barometer head has been getting quite the workout the last few months - and frankly, it's tired.

Quick notes on last week tryouts - the Big Kid made his Varstiy team (not really much doubt there), but Little Kid did not make the cut for his middle school team - and we are completely stumped as to why, considering a few of the kids that did make it, who DH has been coaching for a few years now. It's actually stumped several of the parents. But, is it a political thing (DH's club team has played this coach's rec club team before, with LK, and it wasn't pretty for that other team), or did LK just not do something to his satisfaction? Oh well, he says he doesn't care - but I still want to know why. I'm guessing this coach has never actually played the game, he's the school's stuck-ee. Oh well, we'll try again next year. Idiots. But, at least LK won't be completely beat to death by the end of the season - those two years of middle school ball where they also play club ball at the same time are rough on them; Big Kid played 7 games in one week, it was awful. And took all summer to stop aching. Yeah, that's worth it... School ball is so crude, anyway - it's going to be hard enough to watch the high school games - playground rules are not entertaining, if you know what you are watching.

Anyway, on to the stitching - of which there isn't a lot. Between the weather doing a number on my head most of the week, and some serious fatigue (also weather-related, I'm guessing), I didn't have a normal stitching week. I stitched a little bit every day, I think, just not very long. So all my grand plans from last week for what I wanted to work on this week kind of went out the window - I only worked on MTM. No, really, it's the only thing I touched all week! I got 99% of that right-side town's middle building done - I still need to do the last 2 Jessicas when I get home today, before I put it up.
The backstitch detail on that green roof went better this time than it did the first time - I went across each row this time, then came back and did the top-to-bottom lines. But I did have a mild panic attack when I was working the black - the last color I put into that building; the first on in the top town had all those dense Rhodes stitches under the roof, but this side wasn't charted for them, and nothing in the notes telling me to do them that way (the top town was under my Q clamp, so I couldn't actually see it to pick up on that sooner). So I looked at the other two to go, and they aren't charted for the Rhodes, either. Now why is it only the top one? Is that one of those infamous mistakes of hers, or is it by design? Oh well, I'm certainly not ripping anything out and redoing it. It's just a bit odd - though it looks just fine. I may do the bottom one the same as the top one - or I may not. Depends on how much it bugs me between now & then. I looked at photos online of other WIPs, and I guess most of us stitched it as charted, from what I can see in gallery pics. Weird...

In other news, I didn't go to Tuesday's stitch-in, deciding rather to head to bed very early instead. But I did go to the Stitch Store for yesterday's Super Bowl sale. I took TTM with me, wanting to finally make a decision on fabric - which I didn't - and in the process, Terrie, the shop owner, said she was thinking about starting MTM, but she's a little scared of the specialty stitches. So I told her I'd bring mine to the stitch-in this week, if the weather and my head cooperate (more crap moving in tonight/tomorrow - again possible snow); really, I don't think there's anything in MTM that're really that difficult - the Queen stitches on Knotgarden were more problematic to me, since the schematic she includes for them doesn't fit the space to put them in - but I figured it out. So maybe I can nudge her over the edge :)

This week, after I get those two Jessicas done, I get out EGS again (it seems like I just worked on that), and see if maybe I can't do some of the things I planned to do last week - Lyne's sampler, and maybe Kaleidoscope. I may take one of those to the stitch-in tomorrow - or something else entirely. And since the weather has just been awful for so long now, I am really not believing that we haven't been out for a walk lately, and I haven't taken any pictures, really, since we got back from Florida. So here's one I took this weekend:

These aren't just dogs - they are the never-ending source of specialty fibers used in all of my work :)

That's the news - am waiting for the Olympic Opening Ceremonies on Friday - let's see if I get any stitches in that night! Happy stitching this week to everyone!

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Lennu said...

Oh your stitching is so beautiful, it's going to be fantastic when finished! I love the "never-ending source of specialty fibers", that's what my cats are too :)