Monday, February 01, 2010

February 1st - An Update

Wow, here goes another year flying by already!! Weather-wise, I am not impressed by this year so far.The "big storm" came through Friday night, and fortunately, didn't do much at all here - some rain/sleet, and the very tops of the tallest tress had a thing coat of ice Saturday afternoon. But I hear north of us got quite a bit more snow & ice. I was actually surprised how much ice I saw southwest of me when I went to the store on Sunday - a few miles from the house, and every tree was coated - and I didn't have my camera with me :(

Middle school tryouts got canceled Friday, as the storm was moving in (not a big deal for us, but a couple of the schools in our county are waaayyyy out in the sticks, and far enough north that I suspect the might've gotten dumped on - though school is in session today, so still not a big deal, I assume). They resume today, and high school tryouts start today. It's going to be a tense couple of days around here (though they are both shoe-ins, so not really sure where the fear comes from, other than Little Kid hasn't done a school tryout before). In indoor soccer news, Big Kid made it to the semi-final round last Wednesday; I didn't see the games, as I was just too tired to go - been fighting off a cold for the last week, and think I have to now officially declare I have been defeated :(In other sporting news, Ms. Trish has been spreading the Olympic Spirit about; she sent out several RAKs with Olympic goodies in them!! I can't wait for the opening ceremony - I hope we don't have games that weekend, so I can stay up to watch them!

On to the stitching! My main project for the week was Lady & Unicorn, which, as usual, didn't get a whole lot of time; I think I only put in about 6 hours total for the week on it, which sadly, is only about 300-400 stitches. I just wasn't up to it a couple of nights, fighting off this cold and being fatigued. I did finally get into the groove last night, of course - right before I had to put it up for the week :( But hey, any progress is good progress, right?
I have moved the previous album down and made a new one for this year's progress, but I'll link the previous picture here, if you want to try to spot the difference :) And here is the current overall - from the scroll down, anyway.I also did another letter on my current RR, Carolyn's. I really like this color combination she picked out - this Weeks linen is such a nice color, lends itself well to so many things. It's basically a non-mottled Days Gone By, and you guys know how I love that fabric - only 1 completed BoInk and MTM & Celtic Banner WIPs on it :) Anyway, I got the letter "C" done - cows & chickens, how awesome are they?

I also did another motif on Mary Wigham - I've been itching to get to that carnation, so I could use my BeRedded :) Wow do I love this red from Vikki!! I steer clear of lipstick reds, so it's got to be deep to grab me - what do you think?

The green here is BeFrogged - the other green motif, there upper left, is BeLeaved. I love these colors - and I haven't even used but just a few so far!!! And I really will have to use more of this linen - I can't get over how nice it is, even the odd slub doesn't bother me like some others have in the past :) Of course, having a SHOP to look at stuff in now really helps...

And speaking of shops, at last week's Tuesday night stitch-in, and during lunch last week, I got great progress on Dream. In fact, it now is completely stitched, just waiting for beads, which I hope to get to today, if my head will quit thumping for a bit :)

I will start Imagine this week, on another Silkweaver solo. I'm liking these little spur-of-the-moment projects that become finishes :)

This week, back to Medieval Town, and hopefully getting the better part of the right-hand town done! I don't know if I'll go to this week's stitch-in or not - depends on how my head feels tomorrow after work. I would like to work on Lyne's sampler, and maybe Kaleidoscope over the weekend :) I am also planning to shop JJ's Super Bowl Sale this weekend, and have them order me the PTP Haunted for Sleepy Hollow :) Then I am done stashing for a while! Until next week, Happy Stitching, everyone!


Gillie said...

I think you did pretty well with a cold! Hmm, I'm using Gloriana on my MW but you've got me thinking about Vikki's threads!

Karen said...

Gloriana is my favorite, but Vikki's are wonderful, too - and way more in my budget :)

Charlene ♥ SC said...

Lots of stitching done - and you've pushed me over the edge on that alphabet sampler!! My LNS is having a sale today, too...

Terri said...

Karen as always your stitching is beautiful :)