Saturday, January 30, 2010

13 Days - Let the Games Begin!!!

The Kid went out to get the mail today, in the sleet and crap, and came back in with 6 pounds of junque mail, and a little envelope all the way from the Great White North :) That Trish, who I was describing as a master enabler over in TheSamplerLife group just the other day, sent me something! I open it up, and inside is a card, wishing to share a little Olympic Spirit!

Inside, there were a skein of lovely HDF silk, in Old Maid of Liberty, a pack of Juicy Fruit gum, sponsoring the Canadian Team and complete with a little Maple Leaf stamped on each piece - and two Canadian quarters with Olympic events on them!!

Of course, I was trying to beat the 12 yo off the gum long enough to get the picture :)

Around our house, everyone's gearing up for this summer's World Cup in S. Africa; I'm looking forward to the Olympics more, especially as it's in my part of the world this time, so I might actually get to see some of it!!! I saw very little of the Athens or the Beijing Olympics, pretty much just daily recaps, since it all took place while I was asleep :) I'm ready for skating, and the ski jump, and the luge & bobsleds; I love hockey, but it's too hard to watch on tv, unless it's a really good game :) So thank you, Trish - I'm counting the days!! Good luck to all the teams and go for the GOLD in Vancouver!!

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