Monday, January 18, 2010

A Warmer January Update

Ahhh, back where we ought to be - 50's & 60's! That's why I live here, folks - supposed to be mild winters! Of course, now that I've typed that out loud, prepare for the ice storm that will probably hit. It'll get crappy again as soon as outdoor soccer starts in a few weeks....

Well, I had another busy stitch week - I started & finished a piece, and got my last RR back from Shawn. I worked on Lyne's piece at the LNS stitch-in Tuesday, worked on my new RR, Mary Wigham, and Knotgarden. I love January with little or no soccer!! Okay, first things first - Lyne's wedding sampler, updated:
If I go to the stitch-in tomorrow, too, I will take this along again, though it is a bit hard to work on for long without benefit of my floor stand. But I did get quite a few stitches in, even if you can't really tell where :)

I also did a couple more motifs on Mary Wigham - was going to work on this at the stitch-in, too, but we got to messing around on the computer, looking up blogs & whatnot, and then it was 10:00, and I told DH I would probably leave about 9:15 or so! But I did manage 2 more motifs during the week, one using a d-bag teal (kinda looks like Indigo Ocean) and BeLeaved - I love these Be colors!!

On Thursday, I started a freebie from By the Bay Needleart - I have really become quite obsessed with their designs lately, and actually have my LNS ordering in a couple of them for me. So I started the freebie on Thursday night, worked on it Friday night, too - and was compelled to finish it up Saturday :)

On Friday, I got my 2nd RR for last year back from Shawn - it has come out so pretty!!! And I get to do the last few bands!! I actually did 2/3 of one at lunch today :) :) Thank you all who worked on the two pieces I sent out last year - I need to get the first one stretched and in it's frame, and then get a matching frame for this 2nd one, as soon as I get it done :)

I then worked on my new RR, this time Carolyn's ABC Zoo Sampler from Blue Ribbon. This is such a neat design, and she picked such a pretty thread for it. She had the boxes for A & B done, and B was complete, so I did A, and got it done. That Alligator had a frog issue while I was working on the bumpy back, but I figured it out without too much pain - if I'd paid better attention at the beginning, I'd have kept the frogs at bay. Anyway, I got A done, and got a small start on the next box for C:

And lastly, I did actually work on my main piece for the week, Knotgarden. For some reason, this 3rd Giant Green Corner seems a LOT bigger than the other 2 did... I thought for sure I'd get into the garden bit, but maybe I was pushing my luck with all the other stuff I worked on all week :)

The overall to date is here.

And that's all I did last week :) This week is Sampler Week; AD Samplar 4 Saisons will get some time, and I'm hoping to do some more on 6 Bats, too; would like to finish that up so I can start concentrating on this year's Halloween projects :) I may work on my returned RR during lunch this week and see if I can't get that finished up, too. Who knows what all I'll work on? Until next week, Happy Stitching everyone!


Terri said...

As always Karen your stitching is wonderful. I hope you don't get an ice storm and your weather stays nice.

Charlene ♥ SC said...

Very lovely stitching on such nice projects!

Cathy said...

Great progress.