Monday, January 04, 2010

The First Update of the New Decade

I'll try to do a little catching up here, since I missed a week or two :) You've seen my recap of 2009 already. We survived Christmas and the trip to Cocoa, and I had a great time at Kennedy.

The week of Christmas, since my schedule was all screwed up with getting ready for Florida, I decided to not bother with my rotation for the week,and just work on stuff that doesn't get much time. So for the few days before we left, I worked on Celtic Banner :) I love this piece - it really deserves more time.

The whole time we were in FL, I was only able to get in about 40 stitches - and I didn't crack my book open but for a few minutes, either. I put the only stitches into Lyne's wedding sampler - barely enough to even notice, but hey, it's all I did for 7 days, so I need to write it down.

One day of the week of Christmas, I got out my RM RR and got the top blue flower added to the stalk I started. That's all I'm doing on it :) It is packed up and ready to go to the PO, either today or tomorrow. I hope everyone likes working on it!

I also threw some beads in with it, in case anyone would rather bead than French Knot - entirely up to whoever has those sections :)

I didn't pick up a needle again until New Year's Night, and since again the week was hosed, didn't bother with rotation, but again worked on a couple of pieces that don't get enough time :) Friday night & Saturday afternoon, I worked on Chat Noir - I was thinking about Booger, and Lori, and thought it was time to put some more stitches in. Lotsa orange, and some black - it's hard to tell, but I added a few hundred stitches, mostly on Page 2.

And then, Saturday night and yesterday, I worked on World Tree. I really, really wish I had more time on this one, too - it was hard to get going on it this time, I guess my eyes were too tired for the over-1. But I did get to a big section of black, after confetti-ing myself to death - and left lots of confetti around the black for later.

This week, back to the normal routine, whatever that is. I should get out EGS tonight, but I might work on my current RR piece instead - Lyne sent her choice early, to get it off her To DO list around Christmas. I looked at it when it got here, but haven't touched it since. That'll be a nice way to ease back into the routine. Right now, though, I am off to the new LNS opening today!! The Stitch Store used to be The Dogwood Patch, before Terrie decided to move - and now I have to pass the place on my way to and from work! This is going to be dangerous! AND she's about 500 yards from where my DH works now (they moved over the summer) - so shopping for me just became infinitely easier :) We do have an anniversary next week Happy stitching this week to everyone - and here's hoping 2010 is a great year for needleworks!!!!


Charlene in SC said...

Wow - your list is long, and your stitching is lovely! How DO you lay it down to move along rotation when you're loving stitching it?

Karen said...

I can move to the next piece in rotation because I love stitching it, too :) Even while I am working on this week's project, I am always anxious to get to next week's, and the week after that, and the ... That's why rotation works so great for me :)

too_busy_to_stitch said...

Happy New Year! I love your work - the colours are so bright and vibrant!