Monday, January 25, 2010

Another Monday Update

Hi, people! Here it is, the last Monday of January, already!!! Holy cow, where'd it go? Half frozen, and now under water, due to the rain we've gotten this weekend - wow am I ready for winter to go away (and yes I know I have less room for complaint than most of you - but I did move away from that white stuff on purpose :) )

Well, you've probably already seen my finish of my 2nd RR piece for '09 - that was really fun to finish up :) And just to be clear, the new shop is going to be a very bad influence, with those By the Bay charts coming home with me, after I just bought those others on Opening Day :) But after taking advantage of a 25% off entire purchase coupon for Michaels yesterday (for which I had to go out into the torrential downpour, and coming back on I-85, down to 40 mph with semis trying desperately not to slam into all the people slamming on their breaks in the nearly white-out conditions), I now have Murky Manor, Sleepy Hollow, and those By the Bay charts 99% kitted with floss :)

You'll notice the wrap-around receipt there - I really hate that store have to individually scan the skeins; I understand why they have to, but wow, you could wallpaper a room with one of my annual DMC buys - unless I go to HL, where they don't have scanners, so just need an accurate count. this is 135 skeins, and 1 ball of #12 perle - $30! NOW I ought to be done for a while, until I need fabric for these (need a PTP sale for both of the Glendon Place designs).
On to the actual stitching for the week :) This was Sampler Week, so my main focus, once I finished up that RR at Tuesday's stitch-in, was AD Samplar 4 Saisons. I was hoping to get Spring all done this time - but I didn't quite. I did get it really close, but also did more of the border, and got some of the tree branches going - trying to count to get the Spring leaves on was becoming a nightmare, so I figured I better get some branches in there before I made a horrible boo boo...
I only have a few motifs left in Spring, and then getting that section of tree done so I can get it's leaves done - we'll see how far I get next time :)

This weekend, my local stitching group met - we haven't since October, with the holidays screwing up our 4th Saturdays. I started a little project out of the Joan Elliott book Mel got me for Christmas - Dream. This is a quick little project, and I picked out a small solo I had for it. I have to get beads for it tomorrow at the shop - can you believe I don't have anything I like with it? The solo is 32ct, the design calls for magnificas, but I may go with petites if they fit better, though the magnificas are 12/0, so smaller than 11/0 delicas or regular seeds. We'll just have to see what I find to match :) And the left side of the D is missing because HL didn't have the only color I needed to buy - but it is in that pile from Michaels :)

Saturday, the 23rd, in memory of Lori (who's birthday was 11/23), I broke out Noah's Sub. I haven't worked on this since 2008!! Man, is that bad, or what? But it is my plan to work on this the 23rd of every month, and see if maybe it doesn't see some progress in this new decade :) I got some water in this time; the pink backstitch is kinda weird, but I guess it works okay - just not what I was expecting there.

I do wish that I had gotten a little meatier fabric for this; I love Vikki's linen (that she's not going to carry anymore :( ), but this solidly-stitched piece probably ought to have been on something with a bit more body to it. Oh well - as far as I'm concerned, I am past the point of no return, so onward ho!

This week, back to Lady & unicorn - which I took to my stitch group on Saturday, so they can get an appreciation for the true level of my illness :) I'll go to stitch-in tomorrow, and then we have Indoor soccer finals Wednesday, so those nights are out for L&U - hopefully I can still get some progress in the rest of the week. Outdoor starts in a couple of weeks, so I better enjoy this while I can! Happy stitching this week to everyone!!


Carol said...

I love your 4 Saisons piece. The colors are so pretty. Good luck with the other projects.

Chiloe said...

Love to see all the projects and the new stash ;-) I loved coming home with lots of DMC's in my bag. Now I have to order throught the internet : not the same feeling ...

Cathy said...

Great progress. Can't wait to see your finished Joan Elliot piece. I have alot of her designs in my stash. But not this one. :)

Terri said...

As always Karen your stitching is great :)