Monday, January 11, 2010

A Cold January Update

And I know cold here isn't cold like elsewhere, but after almost 16 years here, I am completely acclimatized, so all these days below freezing, I am COLD! After last week's snow "storm" (we got less than 1/2" from our house, to less further south), there are roads still closed all over, because it hasn't gotten warm enough to melt off (like it usually does), and my kids are out of school again today. This has been the coldest fall & winter since we've been here, and there's months to go still :( Time to move!! I wish :) AZ is looking better & better! But, I am thankful that we didn't lose power over any of it - this sustained cold here tends to make things break here, since we aren't equipped to deal with this for more than a few days (knocking furiously on wood). Here's the "storm" out my front door last Thursday - as of yesterday, that was all ice in the yard, hopefully melted & gone by the time I get home today, if we do indeed get over freezing as predicted.

Onto the stitching! You've seen my new LNS pictures by now, I'm sure. I hope to go to this week's stitch in tomorrow - depends on how tired I am after work tomorrow (this cold is taking it out of me more than usual). I am really looking forward to visiting that store often. It's by no means one-stop shopping for me, with a lack of Carrie's and a lot of European charts like Long Dogs, but the other fibers and fabrics, and the charts they do have are pretty great - and who knows what I can talk them into carrying? LOL

SINCE I found a piece of fabric for Mary Wigham while I was there, and because there seems to be this rash of startitis going around (Jodie VBI), I caved and began Mary Wigham :) I told you before it was screaming at me; well, the only way to stifle it was to start it. And since it's being done over-1, it ought to be quick, huh? Yeah, that's what I said about that littlest Foursome Reel, huh? Oh well, so far, so good:

I am just randomly choosing HDF silks as I go, though I do know the carnation will be done in green & red. All of those Be's I got in the fall, and a few more that I ordered last week, will be in this, as well as some Mystery Spools, Detritus, and whatever else feels the need to make an appearance :) I really, really like this French Country linen - it's so easy to work on, even with the odd slub here & there. I think in the picture you can see how distinct the holes are in this 32ct - this is easier than some of the 28ct I've worked over-1. Might have to invest in more of this for future samplers :)

Other than that, I got back to my regular rotation, and did a good bit on the fountain scene in EGS. I could actually keep working on this, since I finally got back in the groove on it (I just wasn't in the mood for it the last couple of times it's been up) - but I really want to work on Knotgarden tonight, too, so time to rotate! I am debating on modifying the peacock tail colors - the symbols using the BF look off to me, but I will have to wait until I get the other symbols stitched to make a final verdict - and I left the black thread in with the actual filament, and I might need to redo just that. We'll see next time - unless I avoid that area and keep going along the top part...

And that's all I worked on last week! I'm still just reading at lunch - plowing through book 3 of the Outlander series now, I think for the 3rd or 4th time now. Somehow, I see me reading them all through again - I can't put them down! I also picked up copies of The Fountainhead & Atlas Shrugged at Borders yesterday - a couple more gaps to be filled in my classics reading. Only because they didn't have the trade paperback version of Rutherfurd's Russka in stock - it's the only non-current of his I haven't read yet.

As I mentioned above, back to Knotgarden tonight. Today is our anniversary, but we are going to wait and do dinner on Friday, so we don't have to jam it in before rushing home to go to bed to get up to go to work - and it's supposed to be warmer by then :) I should have my new RR arrive this week, to, so maybe some work on that, too! And you know me - who knows what else will go on? LOL Until next week, happy stitching (and reading) everyone!!


too_busy_to_stitch said...

It's a bit the same here - very cold for SE United Kingdom still. Snow still on the ground :o( I'm not used to it at all. Two of mine still off school - fourth snow day. Love the stitching.

Anonymous said...

Love the Mary Wigham colours, I've also been inspired to do one over one pieces from your successes!!

I've also started the Outlander series, still on book 1 though, and enjoying it.

I look forward to your updates too, you must be very organised!

Julie in Australia

Terri said...

Your stitching is wonderful. I'm sick of winter already wish spring would be here