Monday, February 22, 2010

Spring? Could it Be? An Update

So, being this is Georgia, we had this last weekend:

To 60s, almost to 70, if not actually 70, and this, this weekend:


Which means we are probably in for one more good coating of ice before it's all said & done - probably right after the hyacinths bloom, just like every year :( IF they bloom, since we seem to have a renegade dog in the neighborhood who like to dig in anything WE have mulched.

WooHoo to the American Olympic team! The hockey game against Canada last night was pretty awesome - though I think luck was really on our side. Sorry Trish F :) But maybe we will meet again, hmmm? The bad thing about the hockey teams is, half of our Atlanta Thrashers are all playing for their home team, Russia - Ilya Kovalchuk is a tough competitor. I am glad Apolo Ohno was able to get that 7th medal - that short track is one tough event! I guess I'll be happy for Evan Lysacek, though I really don't like him much, and though I think Plushenko was showing some poor sportsmanship by whining about his win, I do see his point; I remember when they started doing the quad jumps several years ago, and it was all the rage, and the telling mark of the "new" champions - what happened to that, besides this stupid new scoring? I agree with him saying to not push the limits to now include the quad as a requirement is not advancing the sport - because it is supposed to be a sport. Anyway, it just seems that skating is using the NASCAR method, of making everything so even, and using a totally unfathomable scoring system, that it isn't much to watch - who knows what's good? Lysacek had better choreography, but if Takahashi had stuck his landings, I think he would have beat them both... I'll look for him in 2014 :) 

Okay, on to the stitching, of which I had some this past week :) First, I started another of the small Joan Elliott pieces a couple of weeks ago, but have only stitched at lunch a few times. Here is my progress on Imagine:


I also started a little Dragon Dreams Valentine Freebie, which is a mystery, because there are no colors with the key - you have to pick your own :) So I did. I don't ordinarily do anything with hearts, but I felt like I needed a challenge, so... I might finish it up this week - I have a lot going on with games & a kid birthday & stitch in Tuesday & Saturday both :) But at any rate, this is how far I got:

I also worked on my RR - it has to go out next Monday, so I wanted to do one more block. I started "D", got it about 2/3 done; this I will finish up this week, so it can go north :)


My main piece of the week was Knotgarden - and I finally got the Neverending Green Corner #3 DONE!! Next time, I'll see how far I can get on that top section of potted topiaries and the gate. This is the overall (the corner detail is here):


And, since I got the green corner done on Friday, to work on Carolyn's piece, when I got to a stopping point on that Saturday, I took out my long-neglected Tanglewood, and got the Dragon done, as well as adding a bit to the tree :) I need to work on this more, too.


This week, we have 3 games, Tuesday stitch in, since I didn't go last week, and Saturday, the local group, PINS, gets together. Little Kid's 13th birthday is Friday, but another boy on his team shares his birthday and is having a party, so we'll celebrate with LK either before or over the weekend, so he can go hang out with the other boys. In between all of this, I will try to finish up Carolyn's D and get it packaged up to move on to Jodie, and also work on AD Samplar 4 Saisons. I think I'm going to take Kaleidoscope to the stitch in Tuesday again - it's easy enough to work on that I can't mess it up too bad while talking (though, since I talk with my hands, if I'm stitching, I have to be quiet :) ). And that's the plan for this week, so far as plans go :) Happy stitching to every one this week, and I hope Spring is coming to an area near you (or Fall, for those of you on the Other Side)!

(I have no idea if any of the above pictures are clickable, or not - Multiply is misbehaving today. I tried.)


Julie said...


I always love watching your progress! Well done. Tell me, do you work?????

Julie in Australia

too_busy_to_stitch said...

Lovely work Karen! The weather is similar here - occasionally spring-like, and the crocus bulbs are coming through. But now they are forecasting more snow!

Karen said...

Thanks! And yeah, I work :) BUT, I don't do any more housework than absolutely necessary (it is pretty pointless, with my crew), so it all works out. I only get to stitch an hour or two on weeknights, but try to do more on the weekends - which are about to be busy with soccer, again. I take full advantage of off-season :)

We're supposed to get snow again, too :( It just isn't going to end...