Monday, May 24, 2010

Lilies - An Update

Yep, lilies everywhere, and it's too early. Which means, about July, I'm going to have lotsa dead sticks sticking out of the ground :) Because I don't go outside during smog & fire ant season :) :)

We have a long weekend coming up, Memorial Day for those not in the US. I get to spend the whole weekend driving back and forth from the State Cup tourney, which is being played in Columbus, GA - 150 miles from my house. So, who else is driving 1000 miles and not leaving their state?? Anybody? WooHoo - I hate it. But Sunday & Monday's games are afternoon, so even staying in a hotel doesn't make sense - if you check out at 10 or 11 and the game's at 5, what do you do to entertain yourself in between? I don't understand why the State Cup has to be way the hell over there, when 97% of the teams are from Atlanta - other than they have a nice big facility, and all the other tourneys over Memorial Day are using up the fields in ATL.

I won't go into details about the play in game we had Saturday that allowed us to advance to the actual Cup. It was 3 hours of torture from the parent perspective. The team we played beat us in regular season 9-0 - they didn't have a single goal against them from ANYONE (clearly they did some massive recruiting last summer and stacked their team - uh, you can only go up one more division, boys). Well, we had them beat 1-0 when a fight broke out with 2 1/2 minutes to go - they were getting desperate, not believing they were losing, and with their home ref, on their $30K turf field giving them EVERY advantage, so a fight. It shoulda been called then, but no, after throwing 4 red cards, the ref made them finish. And because every one was hot and we were down 2 players to their one (one of their reds came off the bench), they scored at the very last, tying it up. So two 15-minute OTs, still tied, though they got their third Red (2nd caution), and we were again even at 9 players each. PKs - and our keep did an outstanding job blocking, so we advance! 5 Reds, 7-8 Yellows, including one for my kid (you know, Captain Obvious) - ummm, hey Ref, are you aware of what happens when a bunch of 17 year old boys get their testosterone up? Did it ever occur to you that MAYBE YOU ought to get it under control PRIOR to fists flying???? Stupid f&*%. I hope they paid him well - too bad they LOST. Yes, I am a poor sport - so? I hate playing against rich kids - they are AWFUL. The coach was shitty to our boys, too, as they were walking off the filed, saying "Have fun getting slaughtered by XXXX [one of those big teams we're playing in the Cup)". Wow, and you're supposed to be the adult??? GREAT EXAMPLE, Nancy (no offense, Nancy :D).
Hey, you like how I didn't go into any detail there? My stomach is still upset from the whole thing - not to mention the cleat marks the kid has all up his leg & knee. Rich little punk-ass kids...

So anywho - as for stitching, it would seem that I am still in slump. This is getting ridiculous. Though, I guess I haven't really had one in 4-5 years, so maybe it's all catching up to me? Anyway, I took Starry Nights to the stitch in at The Stitch Store on Monday. Can I just say that the two-layer chart is confusing as hell? I thought I had a HUGE mistake that I was going to have to frog - but it turns out I had it right - but it took some serious study to make sure. I am taking it with me tonight, too, in honor of Lori, since it's her chart I have, and I didn't find time for it yesterday, when I should have (No, didn't work on Noah yesterday, either). Here is where I am now:

My main piece for the week was MTM, and I didn't even complete a building - albeit that middle building. Which I had started last month. I really hate that building. And I think it is mostly due to the fact that the Waterlilies Caramel (?) and Pearl are so close in color, that I wonder why I'm bothering to pick each one out? At any rate, I think when I move to the 4th side, I'm starting with that horrid middle building and getting it DONE. I'm wondering if working upside down is hurting my brain? I could flip it, I guess - but it didn't bother me when I started this side. I think my brain just hurts, period. We'll see if next times goes better....

A detail shot is here.

This week, I'm supposed to get EGS out again - but still not feeling it, at all. I don't know. Maybe the dragon will come out again, maybe EGS, maybe something else entirely. I just wish my weekend was totally consumed with being in the car - and I am sure it will be too hot to take anything with me to work on. Good thing I have a nice fat book on the go - The Fountainhead, by Ayn Rand. Great read so far - Atlas Shrugged is right behind it - unless Gabaldon's Echo in the Bone intercedes :) So... check back next week and see if I manage to stitch at all! For those of you NOT slumping, happy stitching this week!

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