Monday, May 10, 2010

A Sunny May Update

We went back to spring over the weekend, from the temps in the 90s during the week that cooked all of my irises, and which have caused all of my day lilies to bud already - I bet I'll have blooms this week, which is very early for them. 2 weeks of school left for the boys - I'm tired of getting them up every morning. And their to-do lists are getting pretty big - all the stuff they didn't do over Christmas break and spring break - yep, still on the list. And one of 'em better be coming up with a job....

On to the stitching. This week was supposed to be Samplar 4 Saisons, but I got Paula's RR piece out Monday, a Drawn Thread piece - An Open Heart, and I couldn't put it down!!I really love working on this piece, and did 2 of the big bands and all of the dividing bands between. The next bands have cut threads and reweaving, so I look forward to those. I don't do hearts and I don't do pink - but this is a really great design :)
The overall of this is here.

Finally, on Saturday, I made myself put the RR away and get out Samplar 4 Saisons - though I was also fighting a serious case of startitis (because the two new starts 2 weeks in a row didn't fix that, I guess). I didn't get a lot done, just a few motifs in about 3 hours over the two days. And still didn't get down to that tree :)

Other than that, nothing else accomplished last week. This week is Lady & Unicorn again, and I plan to go to the stitch in tomorrow night, but not sure what I'm taking with. I'm just ready to be done with school - so I can start getting ready for the new year in August, my Big Kid's senior year. And getting senior pictures taken over the summer, when he can schedule time off from the job he'd better have :) That's the news - happy stitching, everyone!!


Donna said...

Iris's are one of my favorite. I do love hearts and pink but I dont have much stitched in it. But yours is looking great, maybe you will change your mind about the color and motif as time goes on. Good luck with it and keep those flowers growing.

DaisyGirl said...

The big Kid's Senior year will fly by, believe me, I know! We have Jacob's last band banquet this Saturday, I know I'll be boo hooing! lol
See ya Tuesday.