Monday, June 14, 2010

8000% Humidity - an Update

Everybody knows I hate the cold - but the heat the last few days has been utterly ridiculous! I know, I know, I'm getting old, thus my window of comfort is getting smaller and smaller. Yeah, yeah, never happy, too hot, too cold, too wet, too dry. But bitching about the weather keeps me from bitching about other things out of my control, such as...

This little tidbit:
Here is a tiny little rant that you can skip over if you'd like.
If, like me, you think illegal immigration is a HUGE issue, then the above article is for you. Why? Because the people in that article are who my kids have share space with. We know half of those criminals, not to speak to, but on sight. The kid that died was the brother of one of our players. My kids have cops in their schools because of the gangs. And I'm not in LA, not in metro Atlanta - I'm in the sticks, just 30 short miles from where Deliverance was filmed, in a little place I like to call Tijuana East. And who gets to foot the bill for the ER and the incarceration and investigation? I do. I also get to pay for these useless dregs to drag my sons' education further into the toilet, thanks to No Child Left Behind, for people who have no intention of using their education, but take it and demand more because they think they are entitled to it. You think this couldn't happen where you are? Wait - they're coming.... You want to know the real Montezuma's revenge? It's the first authentic Mexican place opening in small town America, and they lure you in with the kick-ass margaritas and salsa, and then the next one opens, and the next one. I've been watching this evolution for the last 16 years - it ain't a pretty picture, folks. I can make you a margarita, when it comes right down to it.

Enough - I don't like to discuss political issues, but this one's pretty much right in my backyard, soooo.... Here endeth the rant.

On to lighter things. Still slumping, stitching wise. Over the last couple of weeks, though, I have done some. Apparently my rotation is on hiatus. Maybe I have too many things going, and I have project confusion? Don't know. Just not into it, I have other concerns at the moment. Last time I updated, I had been working on Chat Noir. I kept him out for a bit longer, and though it looks almost exactly identical to the last time, I did actually fill in several blanks.
Last time, I also updated Tanglewood; I took it to last week's stitch in at The Stitch Store and worked on it again, filling in another branch. Maybe if I take this to a few stitch ins (which was canceled tonight, btw), I'll get a side done :) I'm just so used to all you guys here knowing what it is, that I think it's weird when the local stitchers don't immediately recognize the name; then when I show them the picture, they're like "Oh, yeah, I remember that one. Is that what that looks like?" It's strange knowing there are two very distinct stitching communities, online and offline - and maybe that's why it's in decline? Not enough cross-over? Maybe I'm just too eclectic for my own good? Or maybe eccentric is a better word...? No comments from you peanuts, okay? Anyway, here's the latest:

And because Chat just doesn't provide enough confetti, I decided to break out World Tree for a few hours. I got to put in a new color!!! WooHoo! Finally got to that turquoise :) This really is going to be an amazing piece, all these colors against the black. I am kinda thinking the 939 around the edge of the black is a bit of overkill - I can't see it when I get it in, so why make the distinction? Because I am either nuts, or I realllllyyyy like a challenge :) I just hope I get this beast done while the eyes still work....

As for this week - don't know. World Tree is still out. I need to work on Paula's RR, as it has to ship out soon - and I need to finish putting back what I had to take out during that vicious frog attack a month ago (which just happens to coincide with the beginning of this slump). Might not work on anything, especially if this heat continues. This is good reading weather - and I get to go pick up Echo in the Bone next week :) Won't get to read it until I finish The Fountainhead & another Karen Harper Elizabethan mystery that I have here from the library - but right after those - I can't wait!! There was a time when I read a thousand-page book every week or two, before my life became consumed by thread; maybe I'm just reverting back? Dunno. Anyway, if you are stitching or not, have a great week!


too_busy_to_stitch said...

Lovely stitching - and we have lovely weather here in the UK at the mo...ducking and running....By the way - with you on the rant - here in the UK we have dreadful problems, and I don't like the way society is going for my kids growing up :( Don't get me wrong - have nothing against genuine refugees, or even people who want to work, it's the ones who come over just for our benefit system that annoy me.

DaisyGirl said...

Hang in there girl! I'm so glad Jacob is finally out of the public school system! Even in Dacula we have gangs and all the crap that comes with those moving in our neighborhoods and dragging down my property value, not to mention the trash they do to the houses, Ugh! Don't get me started!
Hope to see you soon at stitch night!

Cathy said...

I too have to force myself to put in a stitch. I have been reading more. I was thinking I needed a smaller project. Something I might actually be able to finish in a short amount of time. But I can't work up the energy to pick and start something.