Monday, June 07, 2010

A Small Update

Not a lot going on here - survived the tourney in Columbus, though it was, as usual, largely a waste of time, though a good entry on the Kid's resume. Tryouts are this week for the upcoming season - no rest for the weary. I'm hoping it works out that I don't have to manage this year - I'm over it. We'll see...

In other news, not much stitching going on - just not into it, still, though I had more mojo over the weekend than I've had. I did go to the day stitch in last Tuesday - we talked Terrie into moving the Monday one, since she was going to be closed for Memorial Day, to Tuesday, which I also had off. I couldn't decide what to take, so I took 4-5 projects with me, and ended up working on Tanglewood, getting a branch filled in and another outlined.

I'll be taking Tanglewood with me tonight, too. Following the knotwork is meditative, which fits my mood the last couple of weeks. Anyone else wonder why "mojo" isn't recognized by the Multiply dictionary??? Hmmm...

I haven't worked on my rotation pieces for the lat two weeks - could give a s#%$ less about EGS right now, and not really feeling it for Knotgarden, either. The few nights I did put any stitches in the last two weeks, I worked on Chat Noir. I got in a few hundred stitches over the two weeks - if you look at the previous picture, you can see how much got filled in. Who knew whiskers were such a PITA???

And that's it, for 2 whole weeks. No, really. You guys probably think I'm really ill, huh? Well, who knows? Preoccupied, for sure. Just needing a change of pace, maybe. We'll see if I get Samplar 4 Saisons out this week, or keep on with Chat, whom I kept on the stand last night. For those of you NOT slumping, happy stitching this week :)

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