Monday, September 27, 2010

Finally - Fall!

It's here, fall! Well, on the calendar, anyway, though since we've had that wet stuff falling from the sky the last couple of days, it has been cooler here - in the 70s. Looks like it's going to stay there for a few days, after these clouds clear out of here later today. The wet stuff, of course, hosed traffic this morning, so coupled with, oh MORNING, and MONDAY, I decided to not sit on the interstate, so sat on a surface street instead! Go me!

Well, this week's update will be relatively (for me) short - I only worked on 2 1/2 things, and the half, Secret Garden, is not photo-worthy, so only 2 that count :)

First, an update on Murky Manor - actually have part of the Manor now appearing :) That purple roof looks really cool - I think I chose the perfect fabric, based on that alone :)

It was hard to put this up yesterday, but I did, so I could then start Quaker Halloween! Because I haven't had enough 40ct lately, so thought I'd do more!

This is my own HDF conversion - hopefully this'll all pull together as I envisioned it....

And that's it. Weird, huh? I'll keep these two out this week, and I want to work on Nancy's Snowflake this week, too - you know, like i said last week. Don't know where all my time goes, I really don't. Laundry, dinner, being drug around by dogs? Oh, and playing with that new cat, MissMatch (so named because her eyes are different colors), who really does seem to be Booger reincarnate...

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Cathy said...

Murky Manor looks great on that fabric!