Monday, September 13, 2010

Yet Another Monday Update

Wow, did Monday get here fast, or what? WTH? NOT looking forward to a 5-day week, lemme tell you...

So, the Soccer Season has begun. We won yesterday, which was even more awesome when you consider we played the same team at the same place last year and were winning fair & square, when we had a goal called back, and then the home team got a BS PK in the last minute that was quite possibly the worst officiating I have ever seen - on a World Cup level. We had some concerns during the first half, when we couldn't get a call to go our way, even the blatant fouls. But I think the center got it into his head about 20 minutes into the 2nd half that we were winning, despite his best efforts to help his home team, and he started to be a bit more realistic. It's hard when you have a group of parents who actually know the game - we have enough coaches, refs, and players on our sidelines to know what's going on, unlike some of the groups of "football" dads who think it's about blood. It's about finesse, people...

Here they are before last Monday's Atlanta Cup Final - we're in the blue & black.

And here they are after that game - don't ask me why my child decided he needed to put his size 13 on Josh's shoulder - Felix clearly is getting the effect :(

Okay, on to the important stuff - last week's stitching :)

After the game on Monday, I rushed to the Stitch Store, where I spent the day and evening. I worked on Starry Nights for a while, and made great progress, until the two-layer chart did me in, and I had to rip a bunch of 791 out because I was off one damn thread. I really do not like the 2-layer chart - I guess I'm more spatially challenged than I thought, and I can't work that way successfully. Anyway, I found my mistake (way back near where I started the 791), got it ripped out, and put it away.

Then I got out Tanglewood, and got another branch done, another begun, and added a few leaves.

I think I stitched for almost 8 hours straight that day - I was done in when I got home. Though, it could've been the 5 games in 3 days in the 85-90 degrees, sun beating down on me, that actually contributed more to the fatigue :)

Tuesday I had off of work - a well-deserved vacation day, I think. The Manager's job is thankless and the pure hassle of it makes a day off seem not quite compensatory - but I'll take what I can get :) When I did finally drag my ass out of bed (only because the dogs made me get up), I got a little frame job done:

I picked this frame up at the Stitch Store the same week I finished that By the Bay freebie - and it's been collecting dust on the table since. Why? Dunno. It took, what, 10 minutes to get it stretched and slotted in. Well worth the wait - it's now hanging in my office, on one side of my Jen Delyth calendar, with St. G on the other side :) Because my office is as eclectic as my house :) :)

After I finished that, I then sat down to work on Celtic Banner some more. I worked on it each night thru Thursday, when I finished the alphabet, finally! Man that border is freaking neverending! Which I knew going in, but sometimes what you know just doesn't live up to the reality, you know? And since I'm not really a work-on-just-the-border kind of girl (BoINK, anyone), I'll continue to do a section as I go :) I did finally finish the first full page (11x17).

During the week, of 3 days, I only worked on Secret Garden for about 20 minutes one day, and got the green part of one section of flowers done. Not actually photo-worthy, but what the hey? What's one more picture?

The real focus of the week, once I reached that milestone on Celtic, was getting 6 Bats out and making some serious strides toward getting it done. I am pretty sure I will finish it up this week :) Though, I have to say, it was hard to do the over-1 Trick or Treat block while watching 9/11 footage - it's hard enough to do the over-1 on 40ct normally, but tears definitely don't improve the situation...

And that's the news for the week. I'll keep on on 6 Bats this week, hopefully have it done mid-week. Then, work on something already going, or start a new Halloween piece? Well, you know how much I hate to start stuff :) Also want to do a bit more on Nancy's RR - I have a few weeks left - okay, 4 - gotta do a bit more on it, get one SNOW done :) Anyway, you know me - you never know what's actually going to see the light of day :) Until next week, Happy Stitching, everyone!!

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too_busy_to_stitch said...

Good progress! I love that 6 bats piece, love Hallowe'en themes altogether actually :) Great news on the win.