Monday, October 10, 2011

Columbus Day - an Update

Columbus Day - AND Thanksgiving in Canada; and yet, I have to work :( KNEW I should've gotten a government job when I quit working for the government many years ago... And to make matters worse, we don't even have a google doodle today;what's up with that??? It's kind of a big deal, and not only here in the States. My kid has school today, but only because they have "fall holidays" coming upstarting on Friday - he gets Fri, Mon & Tue off. Because they've been hard at it for 2 WHOLE MONTHS, and everyone needs a break. Really???? Whatever....

Speaking of Kid - he had his first HS Band concert last week; here he is, all dressed up:

And a row of 'bones before they started. I should have recorded a couple of the songs they played, but I didn't. I will next time.

On to the stitching for the week, which, this week, only involves ONE thing. Yes, it's true, I only worked on 1 project all week - do you believe that? That one thing was Murky Manor, and while I didn't finish it, I am THIS CLOSE < > - I WILL finish it this week :) Here's last week:

And now this week, leaving just a corner of the house, a bit more grass & fence, and the rest of the tree, then BEADS :)

And really, that's it for the whole week! Monday saw no stitching because of the concert, and the rest of the week was lots & lots of green :) As for this week, I will work on MM until done. Then, even though I have Anne's London sitting here, and of course BoaF & Knotgarden are both in need to getting done, I am sorely tempted to get my MH Halloween houses out and do the 3rd one - I'll have it done in under 2 weeks :) Not that it or MM will get framed in time for this Halloween, but that's beside the point...

I also have the frame for the chickens here, so that's on my To Do list for the week; I have to add fabric to 2 sides to get the piece stretched, and I didn't feel like getting the sewing machine out this weekend, or it'd be done by now. But I have until the 22nd before the PINS group meets at Loretta's again, so technically I have time :) So look for that photo probably next week.

That's the news - happy stitching this week to everyone!

(Dummy and his new toy, the nekkid chicken)


EvalinaMaria said...

It sucks when you have to work on holidays, happy Columbus Day any way.

Congrats on an awesome WIP! You are almost there!

Cathy said...

Murky Manor looks great! I have been in a stitching slump.

Joysze said...

We had to work Columbus Day too... but we took the day off. However, we spent ALL day Sunday helping a friends move, so that meant aches and pains the following days. LOL.

Love Murky Manor. :D