Monday, October 17, 2011

Mid-October - an Update

My favorite time of year, especially after the weekend we just had - 75-80 during the day, blue skies as far as the eye can see, cool nights :) Convertible weather, of course. But they are predicting a frost later this week, and highs in the 50s! A bit early, but hey, you know what? This is the first actual fall we have had in years, so I'm not going to complain!

Of course, it's also that hated season - ad valorem tax season, since DH's birthday was yesterday, and mine's in a month :( Which is why we ALSO had to take the damn dog to the vet, TWICE. A week ago Thursday,  Little Kid took Lucy out for her usual morning thing, and when she rushed inside to get her treat, her leg was gushing blood. So on Friday, for $400, she got some stitches, and we still aren't sure what she stepped on out there, in a place she's been a million times. The cut, which was about 1 1/2" long and a good 1/2" deep - thankfully missing all the important stuff in there - was clean, so it had to be glass, and we did find a broken bottle (the kids/rednecks like to aim their trash at the storm drain on our property line, so we often have crap laying around up there, but it's all pine straw & kudzu, so it's also easily buried). Anyway, by Monday, she had all of the stitches out, despite bandages, and 2 (TWO) Cones of Shame on her head. So after we realized the bandages weren't going to do it, we took her back on Thursday to get restitched - for another $140. The Most Expensive Pound Puppy she's turning out to be. But I think she figured out, after having to go back the 2nd time, that we aren't messing around, so she had damn well better leave them alone. I figure by tomorrow & Wednesday, it'll be healed up just fine. Damn dog...

So when I wasn't thinking about encasing a dog in concrete, I had a FINISH! Yes, Murky Manor is DONE!!!! I took pics with my phone, which have better color, but they are fuzzier than my camera pics - so I'll post one, and the rest are here, including a few detail shots of beads & buttons :)

I finished that before dinner on Friday, went and had a celebratory margarita, and then came home and broke out the last of the Mill Hill Halloween houses, and got cracking on that. Boo House seems to be going pretty quick - there isn't quite as much stitching in it as Haunted Library, I don't think. And it doesn't include GITD thread, so of course, I had to add some, so it matches the other two :) I even got a half-assed picture of the GITD bit, here. And the overall as of right now is here.

I also managed to get the Chickens framed; our October PINS meeting is next Saturday, so got it done just in time to give to them then!

So for this week, I am going to keep on on Boo House - I hope to have it done by the end of the week, as quick as it's going so far. I would also like to go to the Tuesday night stitch in at the IHOP - we have rain moving in tomorrow, so we'll see how the barometer head is doing. Then Saturday, the PINS meeting, and that night, Gwinnett Gladiators Hockey starts, so we have dinner & game tickets courtesy of my employer :) The kid also has a band competition on Saturday - I love how band stuff seems to ALWAYS coincide with my stitching stuff. Well, sorry, I'm going to have to miss this competition, this time. With the holidays the next two months, no idea when we'll be able to get together again, so this might be the last chance to get this to the owners of Loretta's this year.

Well, that's about it from here. Happy Fall, and Happy Stitching to everyone :)


~*~MaeMae~*~ said...

Glad our taxes come out each month with our mortgage payment.

Cathy said...

Murky Manor looks great! Love the framed chickens. Stitch on!