Monday, June 11, 2012

A Rainy Day in the Desert

Okay, a rainy day - one of several - in Atlanta. BUT I did finally get Part 1 of Desert DONE - all 13K+ stitches of it, including app. 600 beads :) I had the stitching done Saturday night, and spent 4-5 hours on Sunday getting the 2 rings of beads put on, while listening to the Euro 2012 games. Not necessarily by choice of course. Anyway, here is Part 1:

And then, here are a couple of close-ups of the beads:

In other stitching news, I did not go to the Tuesday night group, as I was feeling kind of not well, but I did make up for it during Thursday & Friday lunch times - I started Bent Creek's Glory as my new travel piece (2nd travel piece, I guess is more accurate). I found a couple of great flosses from the Victorian Motto Sampler Shoppe, and put them together with a couple of DMCs on 28ct Tea monaco:

Not much so far, but the blue section isn't very big; I plan to go to this week's Tuesday night, so if this gets attention instead of Rainforest, I hope to have the blue done, maybe a star, too :)

This week, now that I have Desert to a stopping place, Secret Victorian is coming back out. DH hasn't finished my new frame yet - all for the lack of a 7/8" hole bit - but I can move forward on SVG without it, for the time being :) I'll work on it for a bit, then Tuscany later this month, and then I think Lady & Unicorn will come back out in July - or so that's the rough plan as of today. Because we all know how I stick to stitching plans :)

Happy Stitching this week to everyone!

Wow, was this really short, or is it just me?


mdgtjulie said...

It WAS really short, Karen. Your part one looks lovely. I have that in progress too. I'm on part eight. (Almost part nine, lol. Really close.) Grats on the progress, and can't wait to see what you stitch on next.

Anonymous said...


Desert looks great, love the colours.

Love the little bird in the photo and also the tortoise you rescued!
I love to see hot air balloons in the sky.