Monday, June 18, 2012

Summer Solstice - an Update

(Again, I apologize for these photos no longer being clickable for the large size - I've tried to figure it out, but aside from putting each link in manually, I am not finding an option to fix that. Here's the source post on Multiply, which DOES allow clicky for piccy)

It is hard to believe the solstice is in 2 more days - how is this year half-over already? I am not ready for the days to start getting shorter. The weather was really perfect this weekend, low to mid-80's, big puffy clouds - convertible weather :) A nice change from the rain last weekend, which has given us a bumper crop of fungi throughout the homestead...

The peppers are growing like crazy, too, and I think I'll be picking the first of the spicy Cajun bells this week - one has just gone red :) And no, I haven't taken a picture of it. Yet.

So I guess I should get on with the update, huh? Well, there's a bit more on BC Glory - I thought I'd get the blue done, between Tuesday night stitch night & my monthly conference call - but I was too busy working through the call to even think about either paying it much attention or touching a needle; the 15th is gov't CDRL day. Yay me. Anyway, I did get a good bit of the blue done on Tuesday, though, you know, I AM counting challenged, so it's got a couple of modifications in it that I couldn't really find...

And for the rest of the week, I worked on Secret Victorian Garden. On Monday & Wednesday, I finished the stitching in part 3, and on Thursday, I started putting on all of the BEADS - which will force DH to finish my new frame SOON (actually, it is technically done - he didn't like the hardware he put on it, so is looking for other), so he can then start Part B of his assignment :) There will, of course, be pictures of the frame in use, this week I hope... So I almost have part 3 completed - I just have two outer blocks of solid beads to finish up (left & bottom).

Part 4 looks like it'll be quick - 4 inner blackwork gates, very few Xs. I may finish that and move on to Tuscany, which is gotten loud since my friend Avital was in Italy last week and posted a group of photos of places I will be stitching :)

And that's the progress for the week; I'd have had part 3 of SVG done yesterday, except we were outside all evening instead. I will get those beads on tonight, and hopefully start part 4 on Wednesday. I plan to go to stitch night at IHOP tomorrow, work on Rainforest or Glory some more. This coming weekend, we have the Roswell Ghost Tour on Saturday - that's going to be so cool! Will have both cameras ready to go :) We'll see what, if anything, we come up with.

Until next week, Happy Stitching everyone!

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