Monday, September 14, 2009

Finishing - an Update

Well, once again, I have put myself under the gun (which is only slightly better than under the bus) - I have 5 1/2 more days to get my fair entries done! But after last week's efforts, and having today off work to work on the last few, I am almost there!

Last fall's first foray into cut-work, Autumn Mosaic, is now a pillow, also my first:

All but one ornament I've stitched are now ornaments (the last, I haven't happened upon that perfect fabric yet, so it's waiting). The Rosewood Manor one that I did, the red metallic & beads on black, I ended up doing twice;the first time, as two cardboard halves, covered with batting and fabric. It came out too big, didn't like the trim or the fabric (it was slightly too wine-colored, which by itself was fine, but was obvious next to the stitching - which it couldn't have been, but still, it bugged me), so when I found a piece of black satin at Hobby Lobby Friday, I got a piece, came home & ripped it apart and redid it as a pillow. Much better! Though I have to admit, where I stitched it together after turning it is a little wonky - that damn aida is still stiff, after all this :( If that continues to bother me, I may rip out an inch or so and restitch. I think I need to put a book on it for a couple of days and make it a little flatter....
All of the Dragon Dreams freebies are now ornies - of the 7, I'm only taking 4 (the categories are Set of 4 and Single, the RM being the single) - I think the Phoenix, Griffin, Pegasus & Unicorn.

I have to finish that jewelry that has been laid out since October of last year - that's my goal today - and then get The Castle in it's frame. I need to get the paper dust covers on the back of the two things I framed last week still, and get hangers on - I just got the glass cut Friday, and am taking one of those in to my boss tomorrow (he does stained glass) and have him grind off a corner that didn't get cut straight. My usual glass guy at Hobby Lobby doesn't appear to be there anymore :( The guy there now - not the sharpest pencil in the box, so I think it will be easier to ask my boss ot fix that corner (less than 1/8", less than an inch long) than to try to go get another one cut.I have to get photo frames, too, assuming my pictures turn out - and I can decide which ones. We have a game Saturday - if I get everything done and ready, since the game is 1/3 of the way to the fair, the Big Kid may just get shanghaied to go with me to enter them, saving me the drive by myself on Sunday, when I could be stitching :)

In actual stitching news, I did finish my travel project Iris! Still think the colors are kinda weird, but overall, it came out good! I had to fudge some of the backstitching - got off in a couple of spots and could never find where I went wrong, so with some creative long stitches, I made it work. It amazes me that with just some simple angles, the outline of a bearded iris is created. Now, aside from that weird navy blue, I'm pretty happy with this quick project :)
I started my next travel project, Debbie Draper's Purrfect Summer Day - but I haven't taken a picture of it yet, just because I don't want to take the time to dig it out of my bookbag at the moment. Should have one for next week's update, though :)

I also worked a bit on Lyne's wedding sampler, but not enough for a picture. May work on it some more today, if I get ahead :) I did NOT work on English Garden Sampler at all last week - after all this other stuff, it was just too much to even get out. I did work on 6 Bats, though, for a couple of hours:

This week, if I get stuff done, I hope to work on Knotgarden, maybe even finally get that last petal done... Maybe even get to a green corner! Who knows? It all depends on where I stand with all this other stuff :) And knowing me, I may work on something else entirely :) The fabric for Boo Club should hopefully be on it's way in the next day or two (since I ordered it almost a month ago), so if it gets here, you might see a new start, since 6 Bats is pretty quick... Or I could have a complete & utter breakdown if this jewelry doesn't go together the way I want it to today - it hasn't been laying here in planning mode for 10 months for nothing (well, mostly nothing). Okay, off to get busy - happy stitching this week to everyone!!

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