Tuesday, September 08, 2009

A Labored Day Update

Yes, the past week has been chock full of labors, many with not a damn thing to show for them. Both boys got through the Atlanta Cup tournament, but neither advanced to any of the finals :( I'm torn, because I wanted to see them go to the end, but then, I didn't lose a bunch of time to sports, and even got the weekly shopping out of the way pretty quick, and could actually enjoy my day off yesterday :) Up until we saw the snake on our dog walk:

I am almost done with Iris - I got a bit of progress in between games on Saturday, and hope to have it done with this week's lunches (so I can then start one of the DD Cats in the travel bag ). The middle one is now complete, and I have almost all of the Xs done on the 3rd one, just lotsa back stitching to do to finish it up. Here it is, almost there:

My main focus last week was MTM, though between getting ready for the soccer tournament and my managerial duties, and other stuff, I just didn't get as much time on it as I was hoping :( I didn't seem to sit down before 9 every night, and I have to go to bed at 10 - can't get too far in an hour. I did get some buildings completed on Part 6, worked to the middle one, but didn't get but a couple of stitches in it itself. If next month is less hectic, hopefully I can finish up that side :)

I also finished up another block on Nancy's RR, completing the General Store that Shawn started. I really loved working on this project! This is going to be so cool when it's done, and I can't wait to see what square Anita gets to do (assuming I manage to get over to the PO today). Here is the general Store, and then the overall as it is now, ready for Anita!

In other news, I have decided to give the fair another shot this year - so let the mad scramble to get stuff done begin!!! I have to have everything done & ready to take over before the 20th; I got two of my finished pieces stretched yesterday, and will finish them up as soon as I get glass cut for the frames (today on the way home, I hope), though as they are both on 28ct fabric, only one will be going to the fair - Bouquet for Cheryl.

Now, to finish at least 5 ornaments (there's a day), finish that necklace & earring set that are almost a year in the planning, pick some photos to enter - then actually print them out and get them framed! At least Halloween Fairy is already done :) I wish Foursome Reel would fit in a stock frame from Hobby Lobby, because that would be another class I could enter - it or Boink, actually, though I still want to get special matting cut for BoInk, if I can find someone local to do it :( So, with all that to do, who knows if English Garden Sampler will see any progress this week? Or anything else, for that matter! Fortunately, I only have to go to practice this week long enough to hand the coach a check, then I'm outta there (assuming the kid has a ride home...). Though I suppose those people I live with expect food to be cooked. Hmmm.... Anyway, for those of you that don't make impossible demands on yourselves, happy stitching this week!!!

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