Monday, September 28, 2009

Where'd September Go? An Update

Wow, I can't believe we are 3 days from October - where has this month gone? I know I've been busy, but wow! I guess Labor Day and now the fair being a little later this year has kind of thrown stuff a bit out of whack. Speaking of the fair, we are supposed to go Wednesday, if the weather cooperates, so expect a fair update on Thursday sometime. Speaking of weather, we got another couple of inches of rain over the weekend, and then the sun came out Sunday. I've had a barometer headache for about 3 solid weeks now, part of it right behind my eyes! Drought or el nino - why is there no in-between? But I bet my new butterfly bush ought to really take off in the spring :)

Yes, not a picture of a butterfly, but of giant wasps I had never heard of until this year, Cicada Killers. These live in a tree 8' from where I park at work - the big one is about 3" long....

On to the stitching - there's a lot this week :) You have probably already seen my LD mini Foursome Reel finish. Really glad to have that done - need a break from the green on green, I think.
When I got that finished, I was ecstatic to have the rest of the week to do whatever - and I had already worked on Jodie's RR before I finished FR :) The first thing I picked up was 6 Bats, and did a few blocks (really, really, really hate WDW Mascara - man that is some thin & scraggly stuff - but it adds to the primitive look, and will be okay when I get it done; it just looks like hell up close), and did a good part of the orange borders, at least one pass, anyway:

I also did another block on LK Boo! This really is a fun project, and though I am still disappointed in the way my fabric turned out, once I am done, I think I'll be able to live with it :)

I worked on Jodie's Pecking Order 2 nights during the week, once before finishing FR, and then again over the weekend. I got one bird and the tray under him completed, and a start on the next bird. I took an overall pic and then just what I worked on:

This is a really neat project - it looks a lot more complicated than it is, though it might be the color chart making me think that :) I hope to get the next bird done and a bit before we switch again - I can't remember if there are one or two more behind me on this, so want to make sure I leave enough or not too much :)

Travel projects this week had a little addition - I found a Halloween Freebie a couple of weeks ago, I think through Vikki Clayton's board, and for whatever reason, I was compelled to kit it up. The site is Dark Side of the Moon - they have a few freebies :) Well, I got the 2nd cat done on Purrfect Summer Day:

And then that Ghosties & Ghoulies freebie really screamed at me, so I got it out on Thursday's lunch, I think, and started it:I worked on while waiting for Saturday's game to start, too - since I'm doing it over-1, I have to make sure I have decent light, and though it was overcast at the game, that was actually pretty good light, especially on my barometer head :)

And, lastly, since I finished my main sampler, I decided, instead of starting Anatolia, I should probably put some time in on Anagram's Samplar 4 Saisons, which has been a WIP for a while, and was in planning stages for a lot longer than that. I think I'll keep this in the rotation for a bit - don't know if it'll stay there until it's done, or just for a while - depends on how fast I move on it and how loud Anatolia screams at me, I guess. I am anxious to get to the other thread colors on Saisons, to see if my choices work as well as I hope they do. So far, it actually moves pretty good - the motifs are nicely sized. I do need to zig zag or fray check my fabric though, before I work on it again - I was constantly dragging ravels around with me when I had it out... Here's where it ended up last night:

Wow, I worked on a lot of stuff last week - but it doesn't really feel like it; I feel like I wasted some time doing other stuff that I could have spent stitching, though I'm not really sure where... Weird. Anyway, it was a good week, I like having weeks of variety like that as much as I like the weeks I really crank on one project like MTM :)

This week, I am back to the left side of Lady & Unicorn, and am really hoping I don't have a disaster waiting for me in those old parked threads. I'll be able to breathe a little easier once I move past that mess :) We'll see where I end up next week! Until then, Happy Stitching to everyone!


Milly~ said...

Just seeing the picture of the Cicada Killers made me shiver all over.

SilkLover said...

HUGE wasps. Yuck.
You stitch very quickly, Karen. Your pieces are lovely. What thread(s) are you using for Anagram Samplar 4 Saisons?

Karen said...

Thanks for stopping by :) The threads on 4 Saisons are all Vikki Clayton silks - I have a floss toss on my Multiply site that lists the colors:
You can find Vikki's silks here:

MarchAnn58 said...

Goodness you worked on a lot. I stitch to one on the weekend and one during the week but it looks like fun to work on them all together like that. You don't get bored do you. You are working on some great stuff. What strength magnifier did you use for the 4 reel?

Karen said...

I didn't use my magnifier after the first week I worked on this small Reel - sometimes I need to use it, most times I don't. I have no idea what strength it is - it's a clip-on from Daylight that I got at Hobby Lobby.
Ahh, found it on their site - it's a 1.75. Most of the time when I do use it, it bothers me more than helps... I am very fortunate that my eyesight is still great, so I don't wear glasses or need magnification. Yet. Knocking on wood.

too_busy_to_stitch said...

Lovely work - love the birds! Have to say I hate those wasps though. Yuck.

Cathy said...

I have never seen such huge wasps. You made alot of great progress. I always enjoy your updates.