Monday, October 26, 2009

The End of October? An Update

Where did this month go? I can't believe this is the last week already! Days are just flying by, way too fast! The fact that it feels like late November here doesn't help - the leaves are already changing, which is really unusual for here - but since we've also had rain, there are some beautiful colors out there! I might even get a chance to get some pictures of them! I am looking forward to the coming time change - we'll see what an extra hour over the weekend will help me get accomplished :)

On to the stitching! You might've seen my finish last week of the small Halloween travel project, Ghosties & Ghoulies. Well, Friday night, I made it and that other little Halloween project into pinkeeps! It took a trip to JoAnns and to a Wal Mart that still has fabric to find backing fabrics and ribbons, and I couldn't find any Halloween/Fall straight pins, so I dug into the beads and made my own :) These were pretty easy - and I laced them instead of going all crazy with the glue :) The front of the first one:

The back:

I want more of this fabric from Walmart - they have a couple of jelly rolls of it, to make a strip quilt - don't know if I can manage that or not, and knowing my luck, they'll be gone anyway.

Here's the 2nd one:

Now - to get something to display these in! I need something that is glass/covered, so I'll be on the lookout when I'm in Hobby Lobby next, with all that great glass stuff they have :) If I can do some for every season, then it can stay out on the table in the living room (that currently is holding the frame for my finished RR piece that I need to get done, too).

And, I have another finish to report - instead of working on Knotgarden this week, when I was home resting on Monday, I decided to get Chatelaine MMM03 out for a bit - and kept it out all week! I got it DONE last night!!!! My first Chatelaine finish ever!!! I do not want to stitch TG Camouflage on black fabric ever again - holy crap that was hard! But it's done, it's awesome, and the picture isn't great, but as good as I can get of a project on black at 10:00 at night :)

If I had known there was only a week's worth of work left, I should've pulled it out a long time ago! And I would really like to send it to Jill Rensel to at least mat - this might be the only one I can afford to have her do :) I did tell DH that sending this to Utah would be a nice anniversary gift in January...

I went to my local stitching group on Saturday, and took Boo! with me. I got the next block about half-way done, and plan to finish that up tonight before dinner:

I also picked up Purrfect Summer Day again, but nothing photo worthy, as I did the white parts of the next cat :) Should have a black cat by the end of this week. I didn't work on Jodie's RR again, like I figured I wouldn't. I will be sending that on to Anita today - I know she will enjoy working on it as much as I did! And I will be looking forward to the next one I get, which I think is Anita's Wiehenberg sampler! I did receive my Cecilia's order from the Online Needlework Show, too - two Ink Circles and that Quaker Halloween from Cherished Stitches - I have an order coming from Vikki Clayton, too, that includes a LOT of purple sample tags for the Quaker :)

This week is Sampler Week; I will work on AD Samplar 4 Saisons, I know, and one or both of my Halloween projects. Nothing else really planned, so check back next week to see how that goes :) I'd like to crank through Spring on Saisons - looking at the pages of the chart, it looks like a lot to go, but looking at the finished thing, it doesn't look like that much. So maybe I can get it done this week, maybe not - I have no idea, really. Everyone have a great - and safe - Halloween, and Happy Stitching!


too_busy_to_stitch said...

Lovely work! And guess what - I'm stitching that Pumpking block right now too!!

too_busy_to_stitch said...

Whoops - meant pumpkin, lol!

Cathy said...

MMM03 looks great. I really want to stitch a design my Martina.