Monday, October 12, 2009

Jeez - Another Soggy Monday Update

It is raining puppies & kitties out there, again. It has been pouring since before I got out of bed this morning - and I am on Week 4 of the barometer headache. Getting to work this morning sucked beyond belief - hydroplaned half the way, got blown off the road by idiots the rest of the time :( Git behind someone who slammed on their brakes every 2 seconds - and they had 1000 yards between them and the car in front of them. Being behind this clown caused at least 3 people in trucks to tailgate, one of them so close I couldn't see his headlights at all. God people are assholes...

Well, as far as this week's update, there's not a whole lot, again. The last couple of weeks have been chaotic, and this week will be, too :( But I did get some progress on my main piece for the week, Medieval Town Mandala. I thought I would make great progress and get that top row of buildings done; no such luck. I spent the entire week on that middle building and surroundings, and still didn't quite finish it.

I also have the Overall picture, and a Detail of just this building. Man, that backstitching up on that green roof was a lot harder than I thought it was going to be, though I figured out, for the next side, to do the zigzags across, then the vertical lines. If I remember that when I get there.

I also did a little bit more time on Jodie's RR - I want to get another bird done and the tray over to the next one before I send it on. I should have time, between now & the 26th mailing date. I do almost have the bird done, just a couple more colors to go, and the tray should be pretty easy.

And I also did another block on Boo! - I could have kept going on it, but I was trying to get as much of that row of buildings done as possible - and did want to put a few minutes into a couple other things that I just didn't have time for. Here's Boo! - gotta get those buttons on the critters soon, because all these eyeless critters are kind of weirding me out:

I did do a tiny bit on my Halloween travel project, but nothing worth a picture. I only got an actual lunch break once last week, with all the running around and time I spent doing some non-work stuff (shopping the online needlework show, for instance). I did buy a few things from the ONS - two Ink Circles, Mother Maya & Kentucky Chain quilt square, and then the A Quaker Halloween by Cherished Stitches - I got these with my fair winnings :)

This week, I have to go to training to work a concession stand at another arena, for fund raising for my 16yo's high school soccer team. We have an event Friday night, which I am really dreading - a Hispanic concert, where the concessions will be 98% alcohol. Yay me. But hey, if we do well, maybe I'll be about done with this crap - we are 1/2 way to our individual goal already, and when we hit it, we are done - the rest of the people who don't have time are on their own. Also have opening night at the Gwinnett Gladiators Saturday! My company is springing for tickets & dinner for that! But somewhere in there, I am supposed to work on English Garden Sampler, and who knows what else, if anything. Until next week, Happy Stitching to everyone!


too_busy_to_stitch said...

Oh, just LOVE those little birds - have seen a sparrow design on another group, and want to do one BADLY - they're getting to be endangered here in the UK :o( Love BOO too - I'm doing the frog one at the moment, having picked it up today after months!

too_busy_to_stitch said...

Should have said - I BADLY want to do one, not to do one BADLY - if you see what I mean...
Viv x

Karen said...

I knew what you meant :) And this MB chart is so cute - these birds look like they could just fly right off! I have never done any of her designs before - they are really well done.