Monday, October 05, 2009

A Late, Wet, Monday Update

I have driven 300 miles in 24 hours - a soccer game SW of Atlanta yesterday, which was a 0-0 score and which is causing my 16 yo to go to the doctor tomorrow to see if he has any serious damage to his knee (and what should have been at a minimum a yellow card for the other team, but was nothing - not even a free kick); and then back over to the other side of the city today to pick up my fair entries and then to work. I'm tired of driving, and refs suck. But at least I didn't have any issues getting my goods back from the fair this year - no damage, no lost pieces :)

This was a busy week, and other going to the fair Wednesday night, I'm not really sure what the heck I was so busy with. Tired and moving kinda slow is part of it, but not all of it... I am ready for the time change - I need my hour back, STAT. And thank god it is on November 1 this year - not a minute too soon.

On to the stitching....

Lots less this week than last :) First, my Ghosties & Ghoulies travel project - I got a few more words done, but lunches were erratic last week, and I didn't even bother taking anything to games this weekend, as I had too many managerial duties to attend to. Once I get the words on, the rest (tree & moon) ought to go quick. I have to modify the bats that are on it - they look like seagulls flying past the sunset, not bat-like at all, but I'll figure that out when I get there. Here's the current:

My main project for the week was Lady & Unicorn again, and fortunately, I didn't run into too many issues with the parked threads from 2 years ago; only one was the wrong color/wrong hole, which I didn't know until I cut off the thread after finishing the two stitches it went to and went to put that bag in the bag. But I didn't frog them because I couldn't find them :) I only worked on this 5, maybe 6 hours all week, but I have a critter almost done - a lamb? goat? - and a flag pole and a tree trunk :) There's lots of confetti in this area; when I get done about 15-20 more rows, I have some solid color areas to look forward to. Here's where I left off last night:

And on Friday & Saturday nights, I did two more sections of Boo! I am 1 word short of half-way - and still kinda disappointed in the stupid fabric :( Still looks good, but I see the tiny areas that are the purple I wanted in the selvage and it just bugs me - this would just explode off the deeper purple... Here it is:

Surprisingly, that's it for this week :) I think I overdid last week - what do you think? Though, losing an entire weekend to soccer games certainly didn't help me any this week. This week, back to MTM and the first side of buildings - maybe, if I am lucky, I can get this side done this week! I also need to put more time in on Jodie's RR, and on Lyne's sampler, if possible. Until next week, Happy Stitching, everyone!


too_busy_to_stitch said...

It all looks great - especially Boo - I'm on Spiders currently - though I have been for about four months now, lol! It might get done for next year.

Cathy said...

Everything looks great. You always get more stitching done in a week than I do. Keeps me motivated.