Monday, October 19, 2009

A Puny Monday Update

Hi, everyone! This week's update is puny because I've been feeling puny since last Thursday, when I came home from work just exhausted and with a killer headache that didn't let up until Sunday. I thought I might be getting the flu, but it never got that bad, so I guess I either had some other bug, or just really burnt myself out with all the running and doing I've been doing the last few weeks. I'm home today, laying around (in between loads of laundry - a kid cleaned his room yesterday, so now I have 3 more loads :( ). I was sleeping pretty good until Dumb Dog thought I ought to get up:

On to the week's stitching. First, I have to report a major frog infestation, all due to my inability to count. I got home late on Monday (after attending arena concession stand training for fundraising - yay me), and decided to pick up 6 Bats, because it's quick & easy. Did a few blocks, went to bed. Got it back out Tuesday before dinner, and I finally decided to realize that my entire 2nd column was 1 stitch too wide. I counted and counted and counted as I was doing the borders - and still hosed it up! DAMMIT!!! And because there is a border of eyelets all around, I kinda had to make it right - no way to fudge those eyelets and make it look right. So Tuesday, I started ripping it out. And because it is that horrible WDW thread, I couldn't save even an inch of the stuff. I WILL NEVER USE WDW AGAIN. I love their colors, but boy is their thread crap! Anyway, I re-stitched part of what I took out on Wednesday, though didn't get it back to where it was, quite.

This is what it looked like before - and now I see the miscount pretty plainly. You know how it is, being so close to it... Bloody nuisance frogs....

I am pretty close to finishing my Halloween lunch project, hopefully this week, if I don't take a nap for lunch instead. I got the words done last week and started on the tree. I also modified the bats in a way I can live with - it'll probably look like a blob in the photos, but up close, I think it looks pretty bat-like, unlike the way it was originally drawn. If I can get the tree done, then I just have the moon - I'm going to use Kreinik GITD for it - then 1 more bat, and it's done, too! Then I need to make it and that other Halloween freebie I did into pinkeeps. I can't find any cool pins around here, so I'll have to raid the beads and make my own, I guess.

I also worked a little bit on Jodie's RR - got that 2nd bird done, the tray over to the next bird, and about 1/2 of that bird done, too. I don't know if I'll work on it any more before shipping it on to Anita, or not - we'll see how this week pans out... I just can't wait for this to get home to Jodie, so she can get it framed and have it hanging - it's such a neat design! I'm glad I got to work on it!! Ignore the wrinkles - I took it right out of the Qs,a nd flattened it out best I could, and took the pics:

My main piece this week, if I hadn't had to fend off frogs for multiple nights, was supposed to be English Garden Sampler. I was able to stay awake long enough Saturday night and yesterday to get a little bit done on it, though, of course, not as much as I had planned to do this week. But I am inching closer to that first peacock :) Whole lotta green in this fountain scene...

The overall is here. Not a huge difference since last time - but since I didn't touch it last month at all, in my efforts to get fair stuff done, any stitch is better than none.

This week, back to Knotgarden, and I assume probably one Halloween project or another. I am hoping my charts from the Needlework Show arrive this week - I know Tracy was shipping stuff out last week, so Hopefully Cecilia's was one of the shippees :) I need to get that Quaker Halloween kitted up for next year - with some of Vikki's purples & black, of course :) And I want to get Murky Manor kitted, too - I've seen a recent WIP (since Chris hasn't worked on hers lately *hint*hint*) and I really want that to be next year's project :) I have a piece of Thunderstorm from Silkweaver that I need to see if it is big enough - I think that might work! Maybe I'll have the energy to do that later today :) Well, that's the news! Until next week, stay well and Happy Stitching!

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