Monday, November 23, 2009

An Almost Turkey Update :)

The 16yo has been waiting for Thanksgiving dinner for weeks now - maybe after I fill him up Thursday, he'll stop whining for a bit.Nah, probably not. In soccer news, regular season for both boys is OVER!! And they both closed with WINS! Big Kid has a tournament the weekend after next, then the month of December to prep for the Cocoa Expo on 12/27 - not looking forward to that drive :(

On to the stitching, since it's late in the day - once again, I had camera but no USB cord at work today :( Seem to be doing that more often.... Firstly, I got a skein of 3847 from Nancy, so I was able to finish up that motif on Anita's RR:

After I got that done, I decided to move to another area - so I went up to the top left, and did the large oval motif, and another crown:

After I got those done, I got out my focus piece for the week, EGS. I was kinda slow-moving on it the first couple of nights - just not in the mood for confetti, I guess, especially this with no actual object to look forward to appearing. But over the weekend, I got back in the groove - in time to put it up, of course.... A few hundred stitches - not a banner week, by any means.

The overall pic is here, if you are interested - looks a lot like it did last time...

And, after getting my goodies to kit up Halloween Quaker, I figured I'd better get cracking on finishing the current Halloween projects, so I did two more blocks on Boo!

The overall pic is here - only 2 more to go, and candy along the bottom, and then I can concentrate on getting 6 Bats done, too!!

No update on a travel project this week - it's a secret :) This week, back to Knotgarden, and who knows what else? Hoping to get some quality time in between cooking and Christmas decorating, and I guess I need to get off my butt and get started (and finished?) with the Christmas shopping. I just hate shopping. Too many people on my list that are too hard to buy for. I'm the easiest :) My local stitching group is meeting Saturday, so I'm really looking forward to that - get to take my finished MMM03 for show & tell, and I'm going to take L&U with me, so they learn the true depth of my insanity :) Saturday is also my dad's 80th birthday; I would have liked to have gone up, but with that trip to FL in December for the tourney, I can't afford to do both - and right now, getting my son seen by college recruiters is my priority. Hopefully he'll be around for a phone call, and I might get his card in the mail in time, too...

Until next week, happy stitching everyone, and everyone here in the US, have a great Thanksgiving!

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Cathy said...

Great progress Karen.