Monday, November 09, 2009

Another Monday Update

Well, we seem to be having October, now that it's November :) We've had blue skies and near-80 temps for the last few days - it's been wonderful! The longer we can stretch out fall, the better :) It's cloudy today, so I assume rain is coming again, but this weekend was awesome - if I'd been facing the sun during yesterday's game, I would have come home fried. And I won't go into yesterday's game - suffice it to say it was a travesty of epic proportions. I don't know how some people sleep at night....

Well, it was a very busy week - I had a 50th Birthday thing to throw at work on Thursday, so Tuesday had me driving around looking for decorations - apparently 50 has been popular lately, it was slim pickings. Wednesday had me baking a cake - lemon with black icing, of course :) The birthday girl moved into a cubicle not too long ago (which sucks), so not having a ceiling I could get to limited the decorating options somewhat - so I made up with confetti :) Ahh, she needed a new keyboard, anyway :)

Friday night, me and the 16yo worked a concession stand at the local arena, to raise $$$ for his high school soccer team. It was a hockey game, but it wasn't a large turnout, so it may not have been worth the time, but we'll see. I guess anything towards his player fee is better than nothing - na d let's face it, the kid needs to understand what "work" is. He was our fry cook in the Philly Cheesesteak place, while we actually had an arena cook making the actual sandwiches - I don't really ever want to prepare food like that if I can help it. I was ill enough smelling fried pickles for 4 hours.... But the home team won - 4-1, I think it was (we aren't allowed out there to see the score), so a relatively easy night :)

The nights I wasn't baking or running a cash register, I did get in some stitching. I didn't take any stitching to games over the weekend, as I have Pillars of the Earth due back to the library today, and was trying to finish that up - I have 23 pages to go at lunch today :) hopefully my hold of Pride & Prejudice & Zombies will be ready today, so I can start that tonight. Anyway, I got the black cat done on my lunch project, Purrfect Summer Day, and started on the background - I figured I needed to do it in bits, so I don't lose my mind. Here they are:

I also worked on Lyne's wedding piece for a few hours; I got lots of ribbon filled in, added more to the first dove and did more of that backstitching on the wing. I may work on it more this week, since i have less going on in the evenings this week.

And my main piece this week was SQ Lady & unicorn, which only got about 5-6 hours of attention on it, after all was said & done. But I did finish the lamb, got the tree trunk more filled in, and more red! I would have done more on this or Lyne's, except Australia was on On Demand yesterday; you know, Hugh Jackman. I couldn't seem to tear my eyes away for stitching when he was on screen...? Especially the water scene there near the beginning when that wet rag Nicole Kidman is traveling to her place with him - if you've seen it, you know what I'm talking about :) Anyway, back to L&U - here's where I left it last night:

And that's all I was able to jam in this past week :(

Sorry - can't seem to let it go - and amazingly, they didn't release any photos from that scene - what's up with that?

This week, back to MTM - I ought to be able to finish up Part 6, unless life conspires against me. Big Kid has no games this weekend, but Little Kid does. We'll see how that works out. Wednesday is Veteran's Day - we'll have a catered breakfast at work :) I'm hoping the great weather holds out - I've been relatively headache-free for a couple of weeks now! And I'm loving the time change!! Until next week, Happy Stitching, everyone!!

If you are reading this, thank a teacher.
If you are reading this in English, thank a Veteran.

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Charlene said...

You got bunches done! Good for you. Pretty stitching!