Monday, November 02, 2009

A Standard Time Update

Ahhh, back on real time, and all is right with the world. Okay, the world is currently hosed, but my internal clock is MUCH better! Nothing like getting my hour back! I really wish that Daylight Savings didn't affect me so much - but it does, so what can I do? Even more motivation to get to AZ, where they just didn't buy into it :) In other news, fall is very definitely here, about a month early. And thanks to the rain we've had, we actually have fall colors to look at, instead of trees going all crispy critter and dropping leaves in July & August.

I took over 200 pictures yesterday, while waiting for a late-afternoon game to start. You can see the keepers here.

On to the stitching bits :) First, since I started a Boo block at my stitching group on Saturday, I wanted to finish that up on Monday. Which I did. Then I was compelled to start the next one, which also got finished :)

The two blocks I finished.

Then the overall - 8 of 12 done - now that it's November and Halloween is past...

I also made some sporadic progress on my lunch/travel project, Purrfect Summer Day. I only had a couple of lunches in my office, so didn't get the black kitty done like I thought I would - but he might get done today :)

I received the next piece in my Round Robin, Anita's Wiehenberg sampler, in the turquoise color scheme. WOW is this thing pretty!!! I had to put stitches in it as soon as I got it out! So I did - a small motif done next to the dark crown, and then a start on a large one to the right:

My main piece this week was AD Samplar 4 Saisons. I got all the way across on Spring, so now have to work down and to the tree. The first page is complete, except I think 5 stitches , and a good chunk of 2 & 6 (right & down). And, good for me, I DIDN'T leave the X out - I think I actually got ALL of the letters in the alphabet this time :)

On Halloween, we didn't really have anything going on - we haven't given out candy for a few years, because no one comes to our subdivision, except on a last call on the way home from the subdivisions where all the rich folks live :) Including the smart-ass teenagers that were pounding on the door (after very quietly getting onto the porch) at 10:30. Yeah, funny; there's nothing more hilarious than two dogs losing their f&^%ing mids because soemone has the balls to be knocking on their door at night - and they didn't hear them coming up the steps, either time. Anyway, I decided to get out 6 Bats in honor of the day - and I got past the frog attack! Again, another one with progress, now that it's November...

This picture shows the fabric color pretty good :) Still hating that WDW, but I am about 1/2 done, so I imagine I'll live :)

This week, back to Lady & Unicorn. I need to get Lyne's sampler out and work on it, too - it seems to be a good compliment to L&U, for some reason - lots of color changes, but no blends and way easier :) Who knows what else I'll work on - I lose Friday night to working at the local arena to raise funds for my son's soccer, and I think games Saturday & Sunday both again. I'm not expecting a banner week on L&U - but you just never know... Until next week, happy stitching everyone!

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Charlene said...

Wow - beautiful leaves AND great stitching! Great progress!