Monday, November 16, 2009

A Small Monday Update

No, really - it's pretty small, because I only took pictures of two of the things I worked on this week :) One thing can be shown until late in December, and my lunch project & Lyne's wedding sampler don't have enough progress to warrant pictures.

But I did finish Part 6 of Medieval Town Mandala!!!!! It took concerted effort, but I got it done, with time to spare - a whole hour and a half!

And here's the overall:

I also did a bit on Anita's Wiehenburg sampler, continuing the motif I started last time - until I ran out of the thread! I went to 3 different stores to get a new skein of 3847 - and no one has it. They don't even have the space for it in the DMC display. I don't get it. Why do they skip this number or that number? BUT, I sent an APB out over text, and have a skein coming from Nancy in MI - it's sad to have to go across the country to find the stuff. But then I remembered that I had to order this particular number from an ONS when I was kitting up World Tree because I couldn't find it then, either... I thought for sure I'd have plenty to finish the motif I had started - but I was wrong. So hopefully the lots will match when the other one gets here, or I'll be doing some frogging - but maybe only the middle sections, depending on how different they are.... Here's where I ran out:

I did work on Lyne's piece one night before getting MTM out, and I worked on my lunch project, but only one day - I was too busy reading this past week at lunch, finishing up Pillars of the Earth, and then starting Pride & Prejudice & Zombies, which I can hardly put down! Don't know if I'll stitch or read at lunch this week, either.

This week, back to English Garden Sampler, and see if I can get to that peacock - though I probably ought to go back to the top and work right. Don't know. I'll see what calls me when I get it out :) I still need to finish the bs in the top border, to, before I forget and think it's done... Other than that, not a lot going on this week - trying to get up the energy to get Christmas shopping - I'd like to get it over with, soon.

Thanks to everyone for the birthday wishes & gifts on Friday! It was a nice, quiet day! I got a few goodies, and have used some gift vouchers to order some more lovely silk & linen from HDF - I'll be sure to post a pic of those when they arrive :) Desert will be kitted, except for the last couple of PTBs, and a final decision on fabric - I threw a piece of Lambswool jobelan in there because I had it, but I still am thinking about Desert Sky from Silkweaver. BUT, I need to pick a fabric for Tuscany before I worry about Desert. And I don't need to worry about Tuscany until after Secret Victorian Garden gets started :) Also in the HDF order, the conversion I'm going to use for Quaker Halloween :) DH also got me a TomTom GPS unit, so if I get lost, I can blame it on the machine :) That will be much used, especially in Florida in December when we are at the tournament.

Well, that's the news. Happy Stitching this week to everyone - and watch out for spammers!


MarchAnn58 said...

Wow everything looks great, and yea for finishing part 6. It looks so beautiful. I have two of hers to work on but I don't think I will ever get to them.

SilkLover said...

Your MTM looks great, Karen. And a big Happy Birthday! Congrats on your birthday goodies.

too_busy_to_stitch said...

I love both of these, but especially the Chatelaine - mine has ground down to a halt until after my exams :o(