Monday, November 15, 2010

Another Year Older - An Update

I am glad Multiply was broken when I was trying to post my Veteran's Day post - while traveling. Trying to do things from an iPhone is possible, but when things aren't working right, who knows where the breakdown is?

As you might've seen already, I was in Michigan this past weekend, and had a GREAT TIME - except it was way too short, with a smidge too much time in the actual traveling portion. We had unusually warm weather Thursday thru Saturday, sunny and up near 70, and we spent a quality afternoon in the Thread Mecca known as Stitching Bits & Bobs. Much cash was gone through - and I got 3 projects closer to kitted.

We had a great dinner Saturday night, and we shared the Birthday brownie & ice cream they brought for me - and then when we got back to the cottages, Stephanie & Natalie brought in the fantastic cake they got for me, and we all had cake & ice cream after we made a few scissor fobs :) There was virtually no stitching until after Saturday's dinner - Stephanie DID load her needle at one point, though :) We did show and tell, with finishes and what we'd bought at SB&B. I was given some wonderful gifts, including a bellpull from Paula, featuring some of Ink Circles' Celtic Beasties on a very cute Bat bellpull that had the TSA agent making Scooby Doo faces Sunday in Lansing.

I worked on Tanglewood Saturday night, got 3 whole lengths of thread into a branch:

But I did get both of my pinkeeps made, and was wowed by Natlie's finishes, a cube and her Chatelaine Christmas as a flatfold, as well as Nancy's ornaments.

And Sunday morning came wayyyy too early, and we all went our separate ways, though Carolyn and I got to hang out until she had to run for her plane back to NC :) They really MEANT 20 minutes... I, on the other hand, had lots of time to hang out in Detroit, and enjoyed a gyro both Thursday and Sunday, as well as picking up a new copy of SK The Stand, since Natalie & Lyne have/are reading it recently - guess I need to read it again, it's been a LONG time, and I don't have a copy any more.

In other news, the only thing I stitched before leaving for MI was Lady & Unicorn; yes it came out, and though I worked several hours on it, I didn't even get 50 stitches in.

This week, I'll keep L&U out, maybe get a bit more progress on it - I am sooo glad I stopped in confetti hell the last time I touched it, before the summer slump I had. This page I am working on is nothing but confetti - I got the only solid sections done already :( Other than that, no real plans. Thank you again to everyone for their birthday wishes!! Happy stitching this week to everyone! Next week - Turkey Day! Invite a Native American to dinner and apologize if you are of European descent... :)

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