Monday, November 29, 2010

Well, That's Over - an Update

Who knew 4 1/2 people could pick a 22lb turkey clean? I'd hate to see it if I actually had to feed a bunch of people - I can't get a much bigger turkey and get it into and out of the oven.... The ham is gone, too, as is the green bean casserole, though there is still sweet potato casserole left, since I'm the only one who eats that. I see a mass emptying of the fridge tonight or tomorrow. Oh, yeah, the dogs are full, too. The cats didn't seem to be around for dinner...?

My MIL was able to spend Thanksgiving with us (she's the 1/2 above); she has a new friend:

I forced myself to get the Christmas stuff out & up on Friday - I made the boys hang the ornaments on the tree, and they did a pretty good job! NOW, to get the dogs to not knock it over (it's in front of THEIR window) and to keep that new cat out of it :( And hopefully the Santas that sit on the floor will be left alone, too, though MissMatch doesn't understand why her table napping spot is completely covered with crap now. She did manage to get UNDER the tree skirt and has that all hosed up already. Damn cat.

I got a Birthday card from Carolyn last week; it contained 3 gorgeous flosses from the Victorian Motto Shoppe on ebay. I love their floss, and I can't believe how much you get from them! Just gorgeous colors, and my 3 personalized for me:

As for stitching over the past week, I continued to work on the Chatelaine Christmas mandala on Monday & Tuesday while we watched the finale of DWTS (and thank god Bristol came in THIRD - I was going to defect if she'd won, since, you know, she can't DANCE). Then I finished the topiaries on Wednesday, after the apple pie came out of the oven:

And then I started another Christmas design, one I've had in a binder forever. I had that piece of green fabric out from m y floss toss for the mandala, and decided I wanted to find something for it. As soon as I opened the Christmas binder, it was the first thing in there :) I have no idea where this pattern came from, other than a magazine - not even sure it was mine, or one I inherited? I do know it's designed by Sandi Gore Evans, but can't find it online anywhere, so this may be the only pub it was ever in. I worked on it all weekend, and have it about 1/4 done, maybe a bit more :)

I also worked on Secret Garden a bit during lunch a couple of days last week - I love short weeks :) I got 2 more bands done. I would like to get this done this week or next, if at all possible, though I may be spending lunchtime getting tournament stuff done....

And that's it - didn't work on my RR, on L&U, or on Lyne's wedding sampler - but the boys and I did go see the new Harry Potter movie, which was excellent; I wondered where they would break it into Part 1 & Part 2... Now I wonder how they are going to market the DVDs - wait until the 2nd one comes out in the summer, then package them both in time for Christmas '11? Not sure I can wait that long. Anyway, as for this week's stitching plans - I'm not making any plans. I'll work on something, but who knows what? I don't have much to choose from LOL Happy stitching this week everyone - and get that shopping done! Says she who hasn't even started yet :(


Shawn said...

Santa looks great! You got quite a bit done on that new start!! :) That is a big turkey to be picked clean....we've got some of ours left, thankfully!

Carolyn NC said...

Wow Awesome pictures and fantastic stitching. Love the Christmas stitching.

Cathy said...

Love your Christmas projects. The Santa looks great on that color of fabric.