Monday, November 22, 2010

A Pre-Turkey Update

Yes, it's that week again, where I make enough food for an army, and they are tired of leftovers by Friday afternoon. Having just recently finished reading Mayflower by Nathaniel Philbrick, I whole-heartedly believe we should rename the day to either Harvest & Football Day, or Apologize to a Native American Day :) Anyway, the cooking begins Wednesday, as soon as I can cut out of work, get home and get the pies going, and then the full crapapalooza on Thursday, with turkey, ham, sweet potato casserole (which my MIL is going to LOVE, since it's mostly sugar), and all the other stuff :) No cranberries, no one eats those here, except as juice, with vodka :)

I won't even talk about what comes the day after it, though I do ALSO have 2 tournaments to get ready for - because I don't have ANYTHING ELSE to do in December :(

As for stitching, I did a few things this week, including a new start, which I blame on, oh, several people, beginning with Natalie, because she brought her Christmas Mandala to MI last weekend, and it was AWESOME! So I decided to start it, too, after I went back & forth on a piece of fabric for it. I had a green one that was pretty darn close, but I thought the 502 & 503 would get lost, so I opted to go get a piece of white opalescent from the Stitch Store Saturday, and I started it:

This is a freebie from Chatelaine Designs:

I was working on this while eagerly awaiting news of Lyne & Dylan welcoming their first child into the world - William Michael arrived Saturday at 5:44 p.m.! Congrats to the Blodgett family!!!

During the week, I continued on Lady & Unicorn. I did get considerably more done than last week, and even though you can't TELL, I know I did. And I took a picture of the chart so you could see the blue highlighter :) IF I can just get this page done, the next one will be smoother - the Lady is on it, and her face, at least, is NOT That complicated (less than 75 symbols, I'm guessing :) ). Here's where I'll pick it up tonight (unless I decide to stick with the Christmas Mandala):

And the picture with the chart - look for the scattering of blue highlighter; 40 or so of those are from the week before, the rest from this past week.

I also got Secret Garden out for a conference call on Friday, and took it to my 13yo's last game for the season yesterday. The center motif is done, and two more bands are complete. 9 more bands to go, two or three of which are words, and this will be done. Would like to get it done - my travel bag is getting ridiculous...

So, this week, 3 days at work, then Thursday, cooking, eating, stitching (and being drug around by at least one dog, I'm sure) are the order of the day. I guess I don't even care if they watch Throwball. Then Friday is Tree Day - don't think I'm going to bother with any shopping, since it was generally a waste of time & energy last year. I've already begged to keep Jodie's RR a little longer than our December ship date so I can put more time into it, and I need to work on Lyne's Wedding Sampler (since the baby will be 5 by the time it's done, at this rate). No specific plans, just whatever :) Happy Thanksgiving to everyone in the US, and Happy Stitching to everyone!

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