Monday, November 08, 2010

Oh, My Eyes! An Update

I don't know about you, but I loves my Standard Time! I've been missing that hour for MONTHS! Though, if I had to drive to work from the west, I would probably not like it so much - that sun was brutal this morning :) Fortunately, I have survived the cold snap, and am looking forward to getting back up in the 70s this week, where we belong! There were rumors of flurries up in the mountains Friday night - I didn't see any, thank god. I do know Little Kid froze his ass off at the throwball game; the 8th grade band went to hang with the HS band for the night, at what should have been us clinching the division (but we didn't - didn't score AT ALL :( )

(we're in black & red - final score 21-0, but we came into the game 9-0; not bad, for our first year at AAAA) (And no, I really don't care about Throwball, but I'm guessing some of you are as sick of Football as I am - though I am glad to see LA Galaxy won last night - Beckham, mmmmm)

I am also looking forward to my trip to Michigan this week!!! AND getting to go IN TO Stitching Bits & Bobs and looking at the Wall Of Fiber - do you think Bobbie will notice if I throw all the Carrie's silks on the floor and roll around in them for a minute or two ? :) I have a shopping list ready - Carrie's threads for 3 Ink Circles (4, if she has 8 skeins of Mojave Fire, which I doubt), and some Threadworx for Dragon Quaker. And BONUS - I finally get to meet Nancy in person! And Carolyn, too. It's going to be a GREAT weekend (once I get off the airplane). I'm taking beads & tools along - how much you wanna bet my bag will be searched? I haven't decided what projects I'm taking yet - Tanglewood and ?

I do know that I have not one, but two, things to take with, to be made into pinkeeps. I finished the one I've updated the last couple of weeks, the Autumn Tree from Gazette94's blog:

I finished that Friday night. Then I started another one from her blog, also over-1 on 28ct, but then I put it down after I got the border done, and picked up another freebie that I cannot tell you now where I found it - the person who offered it up doesn't put their info on the jpgs on their blog :( But at any rate, it was a small one, done, again, over-1, this time on that same natural colored Monaco I'm doing World Tree on, with a brown DMC - 3021? 3031? I forget. One of those. I got it half-done before going to bed Friday, then got up Saturday, finished it, then finish-finished it into a teeny weeny pin cushion/hangy thing :)

And then I got back to the other one from Gazett94, which I worked on Saturday (hard to work on it AND watch Avatar again - I love that movie), and finished it up Sunday.

I didn't put anything here for scale - this one's smaller than the Autumn Tree, though there was another small section that I could have added below - but since I already figured I was pushing my luck, that's enough...

So along with the beads & tools in my checked bag, I'll also have a couple of boxes of pins, my huge curved needles, and a few pieces of foam core that I'm trying to figure how to pack so they get there uncrumpled. And yeah, three over-1 projects in roughly 48 hours - my eyes are CHEWED. And let me tell you, this sunflower was hard to see - that lightest yellow (725?) was almost invisible. BUT these WILL fit in that jar, where the little Boo cushion is right now :)

When I wasn't giving myself headaches with the miniatures, I worked on Murky Manor some more - lotsa roof done, finishing last weeks section, and going right.

Obviously, with all this other stuff, L&U didn't make an appearance, but I think it might, if not tonight, then likely when I get back from MI. It's time to put in some serious time on it - and drive my eyes completely over the edge :) Red, red, red, is anyone else seeing red (in a good way)? Happy stitching this week to everyone!

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Cathy said...

Love the gazete94 designs. Enjoy Michigan.