Monday, April 11, 2011

An April Monday Update

Well, Spring Break is over, the kids are back to school today, and I can relinquish half the dog duty again :) Since I'll be right back to it on the first day of summer break :( Little Kid had a great time on his trip - came back from Universal with Harry Potter's wand, and some tourist chatchkes from the market in Nassau. Big Kid has his lifeguard training this week - good thing he got a straight red his last game before break, so he is not allowed to attend his last 2 games, and though I had to fight for him to be able to attend Senior Night, he won't actually get to do that, either, because he has his first night of training. He doesn't understand why I am a little peeved that we have to fork out $120 for him to get a job - not counting all the gas to get him back & forth to the training for 4 days in a row - you shouldn't have to spend that much money in order to get your very first job... The kid is just not practical, at all (he gets THAT from his dad, 100% of it). I know it'll be money well spent later - it just could have come at a better time (like last year).

In stitching news, there's not a lot; I actually went a WHOLE WEEK without starting anything new!!! I know, hard to believe, the roll I've been on lately :) But then, I was pretty busy all week :) Again, I was busy at lunch all week (since I was the lone SCMnet person all week - which I know means nothing to anyone but me, but just know, it's a process I have to monitor that has the potential to have catastrophic failures across the company when it doesn't work right), but I did touch Tanglewood one day, got a piece of the next branch outlined. Totally not picture-worthy, so I didn't bother. Maybe this week...?

What I did work on that you can see, is Murky manor, to go along with Laura's Halloween SAL :) I got it out Monday, and worked a little bit every night through the week, and a good amount over the weekend, getting a lot done on the right side of the building :) I almost got that other tower roof done, but had to put it up early to go taxi a kid around last night (he can't get a car a minute too soon - and then he'll see).

This week, back to Lyne's sampler - I am actually pretty excited to get it back out and see just how close to done it will be this time next week. this coming weekend is going to be an utter madhouse - DH is supposed to go to Talladega all weekend with the Redneck Brotherhood, Little Kid has a game each day, and Big Kid has his ongoing lifeguard training from 9-9 both Sat & Sun. Somewhere in there, I need to get to the store, do laundry, get the taxes signed and in envelopes with their hot checks, and I need to get BK's graduation announcements addressed & ready to go. I think I need a day off... So check back next week - Tax Day :( - and see if I have cracked under the pressure of it all :)

By the way, as a side note, my multiply blog just passed it's 5 Year Anniversary yesterday; I was going to do something for a give away - but ummm, yeah, one more thing I gotta handle right now. My other blog has its 6th anniversary this fall - so I may do something in the summer, kind of split the difference between the two :)

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