Monday, April 18, 2011

Spring in Full Swing - an Update

We might actually have a spring this year, in that it has been wet and stormy some days, and sunny and pleasantly warm on others; last year, we reached nearly 100 for a couple of days in April, and though we have approached 90 this year, I'm hoping that it stays in the 70s and 80s for the rest of the month :) I'm sure we'll freeze on Mother's Day, like we always do, kind of the last hurrah for winter, and then the heat, humidity , and smog can overtake everything for the next 5 months...

My kid is 98% Lifeguard - they didn't all get done with their CPR training (in 36 hours, how did they NOT get done?), but will be fully certified at his in-park training. Yay! He is really excited about it; every night when he got home, he had to demonstrate everything they learned - on his brother :) Never miss an opportunity to inflict unnecessary pain, the old Williams' family motto :) Graduation is 5 weeks away - will I make it??? More importantly, will he? He's doing the "I'm 18 now, you have no right to tell me what to do" thing; it's about time for the "So long as you live in this house..." thing in return :)

On to the stitching, which includes another FINISH!!!!

Despite last year's slump, despite a ridiculous amount of color changes, and despite yards and yards of multi-ply blending filament, I have finished Lyne's Wedding Sampler!!!!! I really did not think I could get it done this week, but as I got down to the white part of the 2nd bell on Friday night, I began to see the light :) Without further ado, here it is, in all of it's metallic splendor:

We still need to decide if she wants one more line of text on the bottom right - it's is charted to include a location, the model has a town/state, but Lyne thought maybe her church would be better - unless she chooses to leave it off. But until she decides, I'm calling it DONE!!! It's been washed, the MH Treasure added, and I reallllyyy hope she loves it when she has it hung in her home :)

Other than that, I did not do a lot, due to all the running around I had to do all weekend. Since time was short by the time I got Lyne's piece all ironed yesterday, I decided to get the Rooster & Hen piece back out for the rest of the evening, and did some more of the red- and black-work borders, and got a start on the next bird.

This week, I don't really know what I will work on. I have middle school tourney tonight - I am sure they will be done after tonight's game, so if I go, it ought to be the only night I lose this week. So, do I get Knotgarden out and start moving it towards done, or do I spend a week or two on those other long-term WIPs, like L&U or Chat Noir? Starry Nights is closer to being done than Knotgarden is, and Purrfect Summer Day is, too. Decisions, decisions.... I guess I'll just wait & see what I am in the mood for when I actually sit down to do something. Of course, since I am mailing my new furniture/vacation to the IRS today, I may not be in the mood for anything :( So check back next week and see what happens next :) Happy stitching this week to everyone!

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I love how the chickens are turning out!