Monday, April 25, 2011

The Easter Bunny Has Landed - an Update

Much candy has been had, and new Blue Rays have been played (the new Narnia and the HP Deathly Hallows 1); big dinner, too full for dessert, actually :) Easter was a thankfully quiet day, after the U14 Augusta game that was supposed to be made up got rescheduled (again) for May 8th - who schedules a make-up game for Easter Sunday? THAT'S what happens when you let MEN make schedules; it didn't OCCUR to anyone that 4/24 had nothing scheduled, for a reason??? Didn't feel like dropping $80 for gas to & from, either (will NEVER understand why anyone north of Atlanta plays anyone in Savannah or Augusta).

In other news, there was also some stitching for the week :) Our monthly get together of PINS was Saturday, and as always, was a great time, though way too short. AND our meeting place has new florescent lights up in the part we take over, so after getting used to the dark & dingy, it was almost blindingly bright, especially after the sun finally decided to make an appearance. I worked on Tanglewood for a bit, got another branch done, started the outline of another, did a bunch of leaves; I am now officially well into the 2nd half :) Maybe it ought to be my next concentration???

I also did a little bit on the Roosters & Hens while there; thankfully, the owners weren't there, or didn't come to see what we were up to, so it will be a surprise for them :) I'll have to figure out how to personalize it when I get it done - I figure I'll put the restaurant name on it, at the least. As you can see from the thread hanging down - I ran out of time, and didn't pick it up to finish that thread when I got home:

The rest of the week, I decided to work on Chat Noir, since it hasn't gotten any love since last summer. Every time I walk around that side of the house where all the fur kids are planted, and I see that giant violet that marks Booger, I miss that old cat. Every time either one of the insane dogs bark, I miss that old cat. And now, Chat has eyes! You can't tell without looking really closely at the before picture, but I did a helluva lot of fill-in since last time - and have also discovered there are 2 colors, same symbol in the chart, which might explain why I thought the 680 was such a strange choice for the orange sun - but you know what? I'll improvise - no WAY am I even going to attempt to swap anything....

Now tell me this isn't starting to look like Old Crusty?

As for this week, I am again not sure what to work on; I could keep Chat out another week, and Knotgarden would really like to come out, since it's the next big planned finish :) Or I could put Tanglewood on the stand and see where it is a week from now. L&U is of course screaming at me, and those pesky Chatelaines are hollering from the file cabinet - I WILL NOT START ONE until Knotgarden gets done, dammit! You people are my witnesses...

Happy stitching this week to everyone!

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Anonymous said...

WOW! You should take a group photo sometime when you're at PINS. Thanks for all your pics. I always enjoy your blogging.