Monday, July 30, 2012

An Olympic Update

Let's start with this:

JUST BRILLIANT! I was absolutely in tears, laughing as the 86 yo Bond Girl's chute opened over the stadium! And I just have to say, how lucky was the Queen to get to do a bit with Mr. Bond? YUM! And Corgis, too :) Also, so glad to see Prince Philip looking better, from being peaked at the Jubilee. The whole show was very well done; the boy & girl story was a bit cheesy, but the music more than made up for that, and I WILL be getting the soundtrack, since, essentially, that is the soundtrack to my life to date :) Zeppelin & Prodigy - great mix! I have to mention that I was also teared up at Danny Boy, and then God Save the Queen; wasn't aware those pieces had any particular pull on me, unless maybe it was the kids' singing that made a difference? Hmmm....

I was a little sad to see Sir Paul looking a tad melted - he needs to let his hair go natural, and be age-appropriate, so it doesn't draw so much attention to the southern reaches of his chin. And while I do love Hey, Jude, wow, enough with the NaNaNaNaNa bit - it's the Opening Ceremonies, not a concert. Anyway, good show, London - and the cauldron is AMAZING!

The week's stitching wasn't entirely Olympian, though I DID finish Part 1 of the L*K Very Scary Mystery - since Part 2 is being shipped from Norden to shops NOW, I figured I'd better get it done :) Again, I won't post the photo here in the main blurb, but you can see it here. I will think about doing the bonus piece this week, time permitting.

I also started Bone Cheeks on Wednesday; we had a network outage at work, and once I did the 10 minutes of offline work that I had, and cleaned my office, and played BeSpelled on my phone, etc., I broke out A New Project and put the first stitches into it. I then worked on it again Saturday at the July PINS get together, as the light just wasn't right for Very Scary (at least, not for the Loden on that Tin Roof fabric). Here he is so far:

And then, for the rest of the week, I worked on Iris Fairy, doing her hair & face - I really hate having faceless people looking at me, but I literally got to this part last night, so I WILL put her eyeball & mouth on TODAY. I tell you, those two colors for her hair (927 & 928) - hard to see on that fabric, especially when peeking around the thing every few minutes to see the TV screen :)

In other news, my JJs order from the 4th of July sale arrived, finally - I knew it would get held up by at least one of the fabrics I ordered, and turns out, it was COMPLETELY worth the wait for the 36ct Eek! from PTP, for Bat Banner - I couldn't have had something better dyed special if I'd tried - check this out:

And then here's the rest, the 3 Prairie Schooler charts I ordered, along with a mini freebie, the fabric to go with, along with the Bat Banner fabric:

DH had to go in to do month-end payroll Saturday morning, so I begged him to go do a floss run for me; he actually DID, if you can believe that! He did say, though, that he would never wear his Chelsea shirt into Hobby Lobby again...? So now I have 4 MORE projects all ready to go :) Halloween Rules is going to get realllyyyy mad at me :) It can stand in line behind Deep Blue Sea & Hummingbird, I guess.

This week, I will finish up Iris's face and then put her up again. I am planning to go to IHOP tomorrow - I will go vote on my way in to work - where I will either work on the L*K Bonus or Bone Cheeks - or both. Then, assuming I have Iris done tonight, or Wednesday, if I don't get all of the Kreinik in tonight, I will get Lady & Unicorn out, and work on her for the next little while. IF I can just chew through the confetti at the left-hand side of the new page, I do come to a relatively easy section - may not get there this go, though, we'll just have to see how it goes. The schedule's all screwed up this week with band camp, starting at 7:30 a.m. and ending at 9:00 at night, so we'll be eating late (yuck - I hate eating after 9), and then the mad dash to get school stuff ready this weekend for the first day on the 10th. I also need to decide on fair or no fair; DH and I were talking last night about really needing a long weekend at the beach in September, since it's been 5+ years since we took an actual vacation. Let's just say I need some sand & sea a lot more than I need the hassle of driving 80 miles three times for some possible recognition amongst the little ol' church lady crowd :) Guess I'd better decide...

Until next week, Happy Stitching, and GO USA!!


Cathy said...

Nice progress on your projects. Love the dyed fabric. I have never tried stitching on dyed fabric. I seem to stick to the basic colors - white, cream, black.

Karen said...

I used to use only the basics, too, until I got completely sucked in by joining Silkweaver's Fabric of the Month Club - color me a fan for life :) Though, for some things, a basic is still what you need....