Monday, July 02, 2012

It's a Scorcher - an Update

You might've heard - it's been HOT. Yeah, I know, it's summer. But, it's been HOT. All weekend, around 106 :( And air so thick you could cut it :( :( Code RED smog - yay! Fortunately, the power was working fine at the movie theater on Saturday, so we finally went to see Prometheus - good flick! And I might have DH talked into going to see Abe Lincoln: Vampire Hunter, too, next weekend :)

(melted straws!)

In stitching news (since it's too damn hot to have any other kind, really), I have a FINISH!!! Rainforest Crunch got done Tuesday night! I had 1 color to go in the last block when I left IHOP Tuesday night - and I finished that while watching Deadliest Catch!

I think I have the frame picked out already - bronze metallic with an earthen mat; we'll see if I can get it ordered, and arrived, CORRECT, in time to be a fair entry this year :)

I also managed to finish Part 4 of Secret Victorian Garden - not sure why the one corner took so long last week, when I did the remaining 3 in less time. Whatever. It's now done, beads included:

I did work on Glory for a bit last night, after putting SVG away - but as I will be working on it more on Tuesday night, and possibly Wednesday, in recognition of the 4th of July holiday, I didn't take a picture. I have about 30 stitches left of the blue :) Then I will fill in the stars and do the light (not white) stripe, before doing the red - mainly so I don't have red transfer on the light (3033? I think that's what I got) thread....

So this week, when not working on Glory, I will get Tuscany out again - and will take better pictures of the new scroll frame with fabric that's actually cut to size :) As I have Thursday & Friday off after the holiday, I also have framing to do - I have a t-shirt to mount into a box for a neighbor (which I've never done, but hey, how hard can it be?), and 4 things to get into the frames I bought at Michael's a few weeks back - Spirited Mandala, Tanglewood, Iris, and my last RR piece, RM Live Each Season. And hopefully, no more melting, not before August, anyway. Sure would be nice if we had fall again this year - that was awesome last year :)

I also got suckered into the Lizzie * Kate Mystery SAL (okay, Donna didn't really have to twist my arm very hard, once I saw that Laurel's Stitchery WAS allowing you to order JUST the charts, or fabric, or floss - you don't have to get the WHOLE KIT - which is my preference). I also took advantage of the 4th of July sale at JJs, and have 3 Prairie Schooler Halloween pieces ordered :) because you know me & Halloween :) I'll be sure to show you a pic of those when they get here - though, since I ordered fabric, it'll probably be a WHILE - good thing I have plenty to keep me busy, huh???

Stay cool and Happy Stitching!


mdgtjulie said...

Melting straws and melting crayons. It IS hot down there!!! Grats on the finish Karen. It looks fabulous. I love it. And way to go on all the progress you made too (both shown and not shown, lol). Can't wait to see your progress on Tuscany!!

Susan said...

Congratulations on your finish! Yep, hot here in northern-central VA also. If it's like this in late-June/early July, I am not looking forward to August! Great progress on SVG. I bogged down on that one with all the blackwork/backstitching.

Kimmie said...

Love love love RainForest!!!!!

The weather here in Indiana was sooooooo incredibly snarfy. Last night----the last night of vaca----and the temps finally dropped.

DaisyGirl said...

Just got my LK in the mail! Wahoo!!! I'll bring mine Tuesday night! :)