Monday, July 09, 2012

A Slightly Cooler Update

It's 10 degrees cooler than last week, but still a bit much - but we are supposed to be in the 80s in a couple of days, with hopefully some storms popping up and dumping some rain. We'll see - could definitely use a day or two of solid wet.

The 4th was quiet - we did burgers on the grill, had a mountain of potato salad, etc. Didn't go see fireworks anywhere, and had the 50-pound chicken-dog trying to bury herself in the floor at the end of the hall (her bomb shelter) as everyone in the area blew stuff up. On Thursday, I got my 4 frames done, though I have to complete 2 when I get glass/replace glass in them (one had none, the other had plain that I want to replace with UV). You can see them starting here - 4 down, 30 to go (give or take).

On Tuesday night at the IHOP and on Wednesday afternoon, I worked on my Bent Creek Glory; since I did my own conversion for the threads from stash, I couldn't find a good variegated sub for the white stripe (forget what it called for - GAST or WW, probably), so was going to use the plain no-frills DMC 3033 for it. THEN, when I was rooting around looking at my DMC Variations stash, I finally found the color I had been looking for, 4150, that HL didn't have anymore - PERFECT choice! So I got the blue done, filled in the stars and did about 1/2 of the white stripe, and started a bit of the red. DH has claimed this for his when it's done (I assume that means he'll chip in on the frame):

I worked on Tuscany the rest of the week - I meant to take a couple of good pictures of the new prototype frame, but completely forgot. It works as well as expected; like any scroll frame, I lose the tension on the sides, so I do need to get a set of the clip-things to fix that. But the ability to attach the top & bottom just like a QSnap and then scroll it up & down - exactly what I needed to do! So of course, I then started this week's progress on Tuscany by beading the middle :) And then I started on the remaining half of parts 2 & 3, though have, so far, mainly touched part 3 (the weekend marathon of Walking Dead helped - that's a LOT of blue). I expect to get these two parts done this week, with beads :) Here's the overall:

And then the beaded middle:

This week, I will work on Glory at IHOP Tuesday night, and continue on Tuscany. I am awaiting my new stash, namely the Lizzie * Kate Mystery sampler, which may see stitches this week; we'll see, depending on how big the 1st part is, if I can keep up with it or not (since I WAS going to just throw it in the drawer for later. No, really, I WAS). 3 parts, I ought to be able to handle that. And leave the bonuses for later :) Uh-huh... If/when I get parts 2 & 3 of Tuscany done, I'll have to decide if I move on to Part 4, or get Lady & Unicorn out for a few more weeks. I also stretched the canvas for FNN Desert Star one day last week, so aside from still needing 1 more card of a RG thread, it's ready to go, too :) So check back next week to see what actually goes on - it's anyone's guess at this point!

Happy Stitching!

(No, I have NO IDEA what they are all waiting for)

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Cathy said...

Congratulations on finishing Rainforest. Love it. Great progress on your wips. Stay cool as it is still in the 90's and 100's here in Indiana of all places.