Monday, July 16, 2012

Incense & Peppermints - Another Monday Update

SO I went to bad with this song stuck in my head, woke up with it still this morning, and despite Seether at brain shattering decibels this morning, between songs, it was still playing on loop in my head. Not a bad earworm, for sure, one of my favorite songs from the era, but wow, is it persistent! The video linked is not much to look at - but it sounds good :) Enjoy!

In local weather news, it rained here, all last week. Fortunately, we did NOT get the deluge that parts of Texas got - 12-13" in and around the Houston area? YIKES! But we needed it, and it was welcome, and fortunately, the barometer head wasn't too bad, since it kind of stayed in the same spot for several days, though I could tell when the afternoon storms were getting ready to let loose :( Better than the 100+ days though, though between the heat and the moisture, we have a prickly pear who seems to love living in captivity - it's got two new paddles coming off of it since we dug it up and stuck it in a pot:

In stash news, my L*K Very Scary Mystery kit came in from Laurel's, along with the JCS Halloween book - I have started the Mystery, but I won't post any pictures yet, so I don't blow the surprise for anyone. I WILL post the picture of the kit - in this picture, the floss is sitting on the 35ct Tin Roof linen for the main sampler, and then the lilac piece top left is 30ct, for the bonus designs that comes with Part 1 :)

Also - the new Ink Circles Mandala is AWESOME!!! Will have to get a piece of the PTP Monster Mash for it, but I'll have to remember to get 28ct to match the purple I did Spirited Mandala on :) My 4th of July order from JJs is awaiting fabric, of course - the 36ct Eek! from PTP that I ordered for the AAN Bat Banner. They must have had the 32ct Lambswool needed for the 3 Prairie Schooler Halloween pieces I ordered. They hope to have their PTP order this week, so maybe next week, my Halloween Stash 2 will show up - and then I think I am stashed out for a while....

So when I wasn't working on the Mystery (which I started Friday at lunch, and worked on Friday & a little on Saturday), I was making decent progress on BC Glory - I worked on it Tuesday night and then again on Wednesday, I think - too tired/barometer-heady to deal with Tuscany. I am well over half-way, having the alphabet caught up to where I've stitched, and the sections of satin stitch in the red. I LOVE these two colors of Victorian Motto Shoppe floss with the DMC Variation, though I did wonder why they had it charted for the big letters to be black, and the bs letters to be dark brown? Umm, all of my letters will be black.

And then I did get parts 2 & 3 of Tuscany completely stitched. I will put the beads on tonight, I think I can get them all done, if everyone will maintain tonight. We shall see... Here's the stitching done:

My very loose plan for this week is: get the beads on Tuscany, then put it away. Part 4 is pretty big, so I want to start fresh on that the next time I have it out. I want to pull Lady & Unicorn out, but I may wait until later in the week, and maybe work on Iris Fairy for a day or two, and wait to see if I have any functioning brain cells later this week :) I will probably go to the Tuesday night stitch, and I NEED to work on Glory and get it done soon, but I will have the L*K with me, too, though I don't know if I can see the 35ct in the dim light we have there, even with my Mighty Bright. So who knows? I also have another From Nancy's Needle ready to go - one of the Stars that I have, can't remember now which one I pulled out. But the canvas is on the bars, and it's ready to go. Not that I NEED to start it, it's just an option :)

(one of the many peppers we've gotten of the Cajun bell - small but potent!)

Check back next week to see how those plans worked out :) Happy Stitching everyone!

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