Monday, July 23, 2012

Another Monday Update

Hmmm, I appear to be all out of clever today, so boring title it is... I think it's due to the sun finally making an extended appearance after 14 days in a row with storms, some of them pretty bad in areas. Not that I am complaining, because after several years of drought, the rain is always welcome, as so many other parts of the country are finding out this year. But the storm that came through Saturday did knock out the internet for the better part of the day - not that big a deal to me, since I was busy, but I do so hate 15yos whinging because they can't play their games - especially as band camp evenings start this week, before full-on camp next week (14-hour days), then school starts on the 10th, at which time his computer gets moth balled... Going to be a busy couple of weeks....

SPOILER ALERT! IF you want to see the Lizzie * Kate Very Scary Mystery SAL, I have put up my start & progress photos here. If you don't want to see them, then don't look! At any rate, I did get some progress on Part 1, over lunch, a conference call, and then more than pictured last night (I got the owl done last night!). So far, it's really fun, and I love the colors so far - and am amazed that I can see the 35ct in my office. I didn't go to IHOP on Tuesday, so don't know yet if I can see it there, but I will test it this week.

Maybe the last skink in the area, though you can tell Beanie has gotten a hold of him at least once; the end of his tail is new. Damn cat, leave my lizards alone!

I did finally finish all of the Tuscany beads on parts 2 & 3; I was HIGHLY over-confidant of my beading abilities last week when I said I'd have 'em done Monday night. Ummm, yeah, I had 1/4 of it done Monday night - and it took one night each to done the other 3/4! Holy moley, it wasn't even that many beads, it was just going from the solid part in the outer corner, to the scattered ones in the lazy daisies and along the edge of Part 3 that seemed to take the time. Meh, whatever - at any rate, parts 2 & 3 are DONE, and with the beads in the daisies, I think they might now actually STAY where I put 'em, the damn things. For the record, I'd do French knots (or knots of any nationality) over lazy daisies, any day. Which will KILL ME if TW gets Illuminata done & released :) ANYWAY, here's Tuscany in all it's beaded glory:

And a wonky bead shot:

Speaking of Glory, it's DONE! Since I put Tuscany away late on Friday, I wanted to get Iris Fairy out, but just never managed to do it, since Glory was arguing with Very Scary about who needed to be worked on more (you shoulda heard them, screaming in the travel bag; silly projects, they are so cheeky). And not 2 minutes after getting DH to realize that yes, I was ironing it because it was done, he again laid claim to it: "That's mine, right? We gotta get that framed." Yeah, it's on the list... LOVE the colors I used (in case I hadn't already mentioned that 12-30 times):

And so, the week ended with no Iris Fairy progress. Chat Noir was actually starting to whine a little bit, too, and though Bone Cheeks is waiting slightly impatiently in the travel bag, after having been line-jumped by Glory, Spooky Row seems to have made it's way into the bag, too, so who knows what will get worked on tomorrow at IHOP? So what to do tonight? I still want to work on Iris, maybe for just a few days before Lady & Unicorn comes out - the calm before the storm, so to speak :) Give me something easy before I pick up the red beast again? Yeah, we'll see. Heck, I might get home tonight with something else entirely planned. We'll see what's screaming loudest when I get there. Until next week, Happy Stitching, everyone!


mdgtjulie said...

Oh, Karen, I totally sympathize with you. It's awful when they're all screaming at the same time. Makes it hard to make a decision, lol. (Thanks for the giggle at the cheeky comment too. They ALL are cheeky!!!) Your finish looks gorgeous, and I too love the colors you used. Beautiful!!! You do such a good job all the time. I'm impressed! Sorry to hear about the power outage. We had it for a few minutes here last night, but not long enough for it to get too hot in here. Glad you got the rain, and now the sun. I'd love some more rain for the flowers and gardens.

Kimmie said...

Love your pics....even the wonky bead shot! LOL.

I really need to get my stitchy stuff out. sigh.

Anne said...

Oooh love your Chatelaine progress! The beads are so sparkly. That salamander/lizard is so cool looking!!