Monday, September 12, 2005

Another soccer post

Well, we had our first regular season games this weekend. The little kid played in 2 of 3 games; his team ended the day 1-1-1, which was pretty good. His coach was not real sure about the line-up, so he kind of mixed up the A and B players to make the two teams. The A team we played came to win, so our mixture didn't work as well with them. Our B team tied their B team. Then all of the youngest players played the 3rd game - we won. We have a bunch of new players (mine included), so it will take a couple of weeks to get it ironed out. It was just nice to see Nick play in a game with officials; the 4 v. 4 format that he's been playing the last two years, though a nice idea, just absolutely makes me nuts. When you have volunteer parent coaches and no officials, it is a breeding ground for a lot of bad habits, so when those kids move up to an age group that has officials, they have no clue what they are getting called for. It would be nice if we could get the volunteer coaches all on the same page (never happen, I know), to teach the game, not the WIN! WIN! WIN! crap that most of these yuppies do. And our area has a huge language barrier, too, that even coaching clinics can't get past, so you just kind of have to suffer through it. At least with mine now in the Academy, we shouldn't have any more of the Booger Eaters to contend with, though there were a couple of baby-talkers on our opponents' team. Bleh!

The big kid's game was an hour and 10 minutes of HUH? We did pretty well the first half; they scored on us about half-way through, but only got the one. They were a very disciplined team, and kept their shape very well. We had one of our "players" (I use the term loosely) constantly out of position, to the point he was on the complete opposite side of the field from where he was supposed to be at least once. We came out second half, and held them, but we could not get a shot to go in - 2-3 went just wide. So it gets down to less than 10 minutes to go, and we are down 1-0, and we look out, and all 4 of our scorers are sitting on the bench! Our primary goalie, who is NOT a field player at all, is in the forward position! WTF!!!??? I thought after the travesty that was last week's 3rd tournament game, that the coach would have smartened up a bit; I was wrong. My boy had a very good game; they put him back as a fullback, a position he always played for us on the rec teams, because we had to have him there to save our butts, but one he hasn't played very often on the Select side. He did very well - not one ball got past him, and a couple of his jukes were pretty cool. He played some mid, too; if they can concentrate him in those positions, I think it would do well for everyone. When he has his head in the game, he's fantastic; when he's goofing around, he's totally scattered. Kinda like school; progress reports came home last week; he's in big trouble. Too worried about playing games and entertaining everyone (girls). Anyway, when the main 4 were out, it all kind of fell apart, and they scored 3 more on us, ending the game 4-0. Our secondary goalie, new to the team this year, I thought did a great job - he had a fantastic block on one of them. A couple of them were just pure luck. Well, maybe we can get them next week. It's going to be a long season; between the coach losing his mind and a few of the parents that I could live my life without, come on December!!

DH was sick last week; apparently, someone he works with had strep throat, and him without a spleen - he got it, too, so was down for 3 days. Now if I can keep the rest of us from getting any of it - last time he had it, he passed it to the little kid, who passed it right back. I think he's decided to start taking a little better care of himself now; drink some water, maybe take some vitamins, stop doing bad things. I was sick with colds 4 times last year - I have never been that sick in my life, and I refuse to do so again this year. Of course, I got most of it from work, so I will be dousing the place in Lysol every night when the hackers start up. I think that will be an advantage in the new buildings, also - shouldn't be too many bugs living in a brand-new air system, so we might stay healthy for a year or two. Needless to say, I did not make any progress on any project this weekend - no beads, no stitching, not even a blog or any website work. We are not supposed to get anything from Hurricane Ophelia, so hopefully he can get caught up on the grass again, and I can crack the homework whip early enough to leave myself some time for my stuff.

We watched Sahara last night; that was pretty good. I wanted to go see it when it was out in theaters, but just never got to it; I have read a few of the Dirk Pitt novels by Clive Cussler, though not this one, so thought it would be pretty decent. That Matthew McConaughey sure is built well. DH, just remember what I said about the next time you're flipping through one of those stupid Playboy magazines, or watching Buffy. If you could put Matthew McConaughey's chest/abs on Dave Navarro's butt (MM's might be good, too - haven't gotten a good look at it), and add Johnny Depp's face, I could die happy. After many hours in front of the screen, of course.

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