Wednesday, September 21, 2005

So I was driving home yesterday, and...

... as I was half-way down the on-ramp, I looked in my rear view mirror, and saw some stupid woman in her little Saturn right up my ass. She was so close, I couldn't see her headlights or half of her hood. And, as usual, the interstate was stop and go right there, and as we were coming down, a cop decided to pull someone over in that little triangle of space between the ramp and the roadway. Now, it just so happens that I need to end up in either of the last 2 far left lanes in order to follow where my road splits off, so I try to do this as soon as possible. So, in preparation for this, I turn on my signal, merge out onto the actual road, and start looking for spaces to move left in. I look up, and the woman in the Saturn is still right on my ass. I see a break where I can go over another lane, and, as I'm checking all the mirrors and actually looking left, the Saturn Woman has just gone right ahead and gone over - no signal, no nothing, just as if I haven't been traveling for some distance with my blinker on, with every intention of going over, too. Fortunately, there's room for me, too, so I jam on over. Saturn Woman then goes on over again, no signal again, death grip on the wheel. Finally, we are side-by-side in the the two left-most lanes, and as she flies on ahead of me (we're doing pretty close to 80 in a 65 at this point), I look at her plate, only to discover she's from Ohio!

Whoop-de-do, you might be saying. But in the years I have been here, I have created that ersatz romantic version of [drivers] in my home state being [saner] than the ones here (insert whatever appropriate words into the brackets). But thanks to Saturn Woman, that whole idea has been blown to little bits; it's true, people are assholes everywhere. And I really hate the new Ohio plates that don't have the counties on them; if she was from a county nowhere close to any of my home counties, I would've written her off to being from one of those other parts of Ohio. Ah, well, another bubble burst, and another reality faced.

Watched the finale to Rock Star INXS last night; I figured JD would be the winner, but I still don't like him as well as Marty. Though, considering my tastes in music, Marty was just more my style, and not so much INXS's. Actually, looking at MiG's blog profile on MSN, he has a lot of the same CDs I have, moreso than the other two. HHMMM. Whatever. I also read all three blogs' last posts, and JD said he was going to donate his Honda Civic that they each won to Katrina victims; I didn't see that coming. I think he'll do well with them, and he is very talented; I just don't like to watch him. Hopefully Marty will get a gig, too; I assume MiG can go back to his stage work and be okay.

We are going to the Gwinnett County Fair tonight; the boys will ride the rides, DH will rush them to eat so we can leave, and hopefully I'll get to see what little they have for exhibits. Fairs here aren't like the fairs we grew up with; there's a barn with maybe 15 cows, and 10 sheep - that's it. And the one hall has a bunch of exhibits from car dealers and politicians. No rabbits, no horses, no goats, no crafts, except the ones entered for judging (I need to enter some stuff next year, now that I found the forms - we don't have a fair in Hall Cty., so I assume I can enter into Gwinnett's) in one little corner of the political car barn. Oh, and no sugar waffles. Man, I love those things, but they just don't seem to have them down here; funnel cakes, yes, but I can't eat those anymore - they do not like me at all, just like donuts and cucumbers. I guess maybe sugar waffles don't meet the minimum coronary damage points, so they aren't allowed in. 14 kinds of bar-b-que and blooming onions, but no waffles. It's just crazy. They don't have any entertainment, either, unless they do on the weekends, though I don't know where - there's not a place for a band to play and people to listen. If it wasn't for the midway and all the creepy carneys, it'd take about 20 minutes to see everything there is to see, and stand in line in the women's restroom. But the boys like the rides, of course - hopefully no one pukes in that spaceship thing that sucks you to the walls (not that the big kid would care - he's riding it anyway), and we like the grilled corn.

Season premiere of Lost is on tonight, and then Invasion, which I seriously doubt I will be able to stay awake for. So far, I have seen Threshold (okay), Surface (okay, but damn similar to Threshold), and I watched Bones last week, before NAVY NCIS came back last night. Nothing's really grabbing me so far, besides the new season of Survivor. I'll be glad when the new CSI comes on tomorrow. I can't stay awake to watch either of the other two of those, either, and we can't seem to find the cables for the VCR. Eh, too much trouble, when it is apparent I already watch too much tv. But when I'm stitching, what else would I do? I need to change my focus periodically from my work to something, so it's just natural it be the tv, I guess. Staring at a computer screen for 8 hours at work, then going home and doing it for another couple of hours, you'd think that would be enough, but it doesn't seem to be. And then I read, too - that's what the commercials are for (DH hates it when I have my book open but am watching the tv, especially when he wants to change the channel, which is immediately after he walks in the room). I am just trying to jam as much living into each day as I can - I think it's pretty efficient, actually. I work, read, do a hobby, cook dinner, do laundry or whatever house work, watch the night's tv, and then I go to bed and get up and do it again the next day. That might be why I'm such a slug on the weekends; if it wasn't for having games to go to, and needing to go to the store, I'd veg all weekend, if I could, and watch movies.

I hope we get some rain from Rita - it hasn't rained once this month. But then, with DH being sick, he hasn't gotten the grass cut for awhile now, and it's totally out of hand; rain would only make it worse. The Gulf region doesn't need the rain, but we could use some - I can't believe we didn't get any from Ophelia. Bitch when it rains, bitch when it doesn't - some people are just never happy. I just need a break in the sun and heat; it's getting a little monotonous. I'm ready to turn the air off and open the windows; not yet, it's still in the 90s. I wonder what we'll get this winter; we haven't had any bad weather the past 2 years - no ice, no snow, even when everyone else is buried, most days well above 40. We're due for a blast.

Okay, that's enough. Other things to do today....

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