Monday, September 26, 2005

Quiet Weekend

We had a U13 soccer game last Thursady night; we lost almost as badly as we thought we were going to. So far, in regular season, we haven't scored a goal. We've made lots of attempts, just none of them are going in. Not real sure what the problem is. At least this game our trainer was there to watch; maybe he can better steer the practices now, and get them able to follow through on those shots. My son had a fantastic game, considering. They finally let him take all of the goal kicks; we've been trying to tell the coach for 2 years now that he has the foot for that, and the ability to put the ball in a specific spot, as opposed to the boot-ball method he seems to prefer. Well, the light bulb came on finally, and hopefully will remain lit.

We had 2 U10 games yesterday; one loss, one tie. We have tied 3 weeks in a row. They just have minutes where they are totally scattered, and then they get it together for a few, then it scatters again. And the teams they played this weekend were HUGE! One of our kids only came up to around the waist of a couple of them. That's just crazy. And our ref, who usually does a really good job (we call him Delicate Flower), was a little grumpy yesterday. He gave the opponents possession of the ball at least 3 times when it should've been ours, and he helped with some things, but not with others. It was weird. He must've had a long day Saturday, and wasn't quite ready for Sunday.

The boys are out of school today and tomorrow; the Governor asked all the public schools in the state to take a 2-day holiday, to help the gas crisis in the wake of Hurricane Rita. Okay, people, what exactly is going on around here? Have we forgotten that 4 (yes, four) hurricanes went through Florida last year? There was no panic about gas, prices didn't go up (yeah, the refineries weren't hit as hard, but still, they did receive some effects - we didn't hear about it, though, did we?), and we certainly didn't call off school in surrounding states. Now, it's a nice thought, but these kids aren't getting an adequate education when they are in school; how is this going to work out? Are we going to make them up at the end of the year? I doubt it. Boy, I should've finished my teaching degree and gotten a job down here; they work maybe 20 days a month, have no responsibility for anything, and when it all goes wrong, it's not their fault, or the kids' fault, it's the parents' fault. I guess it's my fault I can't afford to send my kids to private school. Some days, I think my kids know less when they get home from schoool than they did when they left the house that morning; that's a pretty sorry state of affairs, folks, and I don't think I should have to spend several hours each evening, after I've already worked a longer day than the teachers have, getting my kids up to speed. And I'm not sure they are even up to speed then. These schools in the South are horrendous. Keeping the bible-thumping out is one thing, but then just having to deal with all of the language barriers - how much time is taken away from teaching my kids the stuff they need and spent teaching other kids the basics, such as English? If English is your primary language, you should not be in classes with kids who do NOT have English as the primary language. Hello, People - what would I have to learn to live in your country? Discrimination? Discriminate this, you liberal wankers! This is the United States, and we speak English. Learn it and use it, or get out. Jeez. This ain't rocket science, folks.

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