Monday, September 19, 2005

Apple Pie Season

I made the first apple pie of the season yesterday; yummy. Is the first one of the season always so good because you haven't had one for a while, or because the first one just always turns out the best? I can't wait to get done with dinner so I can have another piece tonight. I actually got both boys to eat a piece, and didn't have to dip it in chocolate first. Last year, the big one finally ate a piece of pumpkin, after us telling him for years that he would really like; he's now a convert, and was a little unhappy that I made apple before pumpkin. Of course, by making any pie, I have started to get everyone in holiday mode - they are ready for my big Turkey Day Dinner. I'm not, but they are.

DH went back to the doctor today; he has walking pneumonia now. They gave him some super-antibiotic I've never heard of - L-something. Now we need to watch the little kid to make sure his strep doesn't turn into this. All you damn sick people need to stay away from me; I was sick with head colds 4 times last year - I ain't doing it this year. I should buy stock in Lysol. BLEH! Rock Star INXS finale tomorrow - Marty or JD? JD gives me the creeps a little; he's a little bit stalker. But I have a feeling Marty screams too much for them, though Trees and his rendition of Radiohead's Creep were both fantastic. I had MiG the frontrunner for a while, but I don't think he'll be it. And does anybody else think he's totally gay? Well, off to eat dinner and watch the series premier of Surface. It better not suck - there's nothing on on Mondays, unless 24 comes back then.

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