Friday, September 16, 2005

September in GA, or the Damn Air's Out Again

It has been hotter this week than most of August. I am so waiting for the 75 degree weather. That's what it was this morning when I got up. And, for the 5-6th time this summer, the stupid air conditioner has frozen up. It's just a matter of shutting it off long enough to thaw out, but it's just the fact that we didn't know it was frozen all day, so it's stifling in here, even with our new window unit cranking away. It's no wonder all those Southern Belles used to pass out all the time; all those clothes they used to have to wear, in this heat and humidity!?! Which sounds stupid from somebody who hates the cold as much as I do, but too much of anything is bad, right? The older I get, the smaller my comfort zone gets.

Not much else going on; the little kid seems to have the strep throat his dad had last week. Hopefully, his dad won't get it back from him again, like we did last time. He won't be able to go to his games tomorrow, and I'm going to try to rest him back to health, to avoid him having to get antibiotics, if at all possible. (Edit: no such luck; took him to the doctor yesterday, is now on antibiotics for strep. DH is sicker now than he was - it appears to be respiratory now; he'll have to go back tomorrow). Poor kid; at least he might be a little quieter this weekend. That wasn't very nice, was it? But he just talks so much.

I have some website stuff on order; I ordered necklace and earring displays for photos, and some packaging items for my beaded creations. I have a small order of beads that I need to place, then we have the large group buy open as of today; those will not arrive until around Thanksgiving, so anything I'll need between now and then, I'll have to round up on my own. And I would really like to get back to my cross stitch; I've worked on the pumpkins a little bit this week, but I want to get it done and get back to my castle. I'm wanting to get my Scarlet Quince design in the planning stages, but as big as that is, there is no point in even looking at it until the castle is done. If I could just afford to take a 6-month leave of absence, I could make some real progress on all the things I have sitting here to be done. And I need to try to talk my dad into building me a floor stand for my frame; I'm sure he could engineer something better (cheaper) than I could find it in a store. And maybe it would keep him entertained for a while.

Well, off to work on something - not sure what, since there's so much to choose from. Anyone catch the new Survivor last night? Pretty good, so far....

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